⛓️ Brother Yasha

Chapter 1

Yasha was never particularly interested in religion, until he learned that some Christian cults tamed their flesh with extreme austerities, all sorts of iron chains, bands, rings that ascetics wore on their naked bodies to humble the flesh; an iron belt, heavy nipple rings, iron chains that force the spine to fold in half, and so on.

"They exhausted themselves with iron chains, and, thinning the flesh, thinned out sin together," said the article. "Wearing them was an ascetic exercise, with the aim of exhausting the bodily in a continuous effort to completely, according to the word of the apostle, crucify one's flesh with passions and lusts."

Looking through the photographs and drawings spicing up the article, Yasha immediately felt the urge to repent of a number of sins. Unfortunately, Christianity has been banned worldwide for over a century, so it took a long time to find a sect that was still active somewhere in the Siberian forest. Fortunately, Yasha was accepted, and since then he could tame his flesh with passion and lust as much as he wanted.

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Haha love the religion twist (THE TWIST wow) and that you are taking its absurdities with humour. Like in Bible there are clearly stated things then everyone following this do exaclty opposite things like witch trials X-D people are just really flexible in their behavior...

Like lantern and even carpet etc your colors are top notch as always
Shifty Read more
Well, Yasha is in it just for the twists XD

Religion, yeah it's absurd, back in 5000-7000 BC maybe fiction was new and everybody could easily believe in it as had no experience... fictional literature didn't exist yet, so they only had myths, so people thought, wow, it must be all true. They were either too dumb to figure out that someone could just make things up, or most probably were just killed if they tried to question it...

It's all politics, even governments have their own fiction about their countries, like Americans pretending to be some cool guys, "liberators", while in reality more like lierators, money-greedy bastards in the core of every war in the world with their hands shoulder deep in blood and napalm, biological, chemical weapons, but working hard to build a self-image as some superheroes through Hollywood movies and constantly rewriting their own bloody history.

Reality is always something sad and depressive, while fiction paints that ugly corpse in nice colors... Even reality overall, the universe is vast and meaningless, this world is nothing but a lifetime prison inside the body that's constantly sick and rotting, but all of our fictions really help to paint it in some interesting colors, motivating to keep suffering, playing king of the hill, giving birth to new humans so you're never the last in line. I think we all still exist only thanks to fiction/absurd because we're always pretending that the world is something more than it really is...

Religion was just first to discover this approach, so in a way it's a good thing, it kept motivating ancient people, but part of why this world is so rotten is because humans have the capacity to turn anything good into bad, e.g. some people like the Hindu had invented the whole approach to create myths for spiritual purposes, inspire mental growth by studying various myths, passing the wisdoms that are hard to learn in one's lifetime all by oneself, etc, while some others like Christians did nothing but constant arguing, accusations, conquests, trials, torture, burning people alive, forbidding everything they could forbid, saying this world is ruled by the devil, all humans are sinful, creating tomes and tomes of evil fiction that turns pitchforks against humanity... So yeah, it's like everywhere, there are good movies that inspire you and bad movies that make you depressed, and a high budget doesn't make a good movie... Read more
That twist came out so easy, that I didn't even notice it, first!? So nice! <3 Read more
Thank you so much!! Maybe it's like Alice in Wonderland "you have to twist 360 degrees these days just to look somewhat normal again" 🤣 Read more
Lovely POV ! And he looks so deliciously sweet 💕 Read more
Thank you so much!! 😊 Read more
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