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Arcus was the prince of a tribe of demons who lived on Yunia long before it was called that. These demons were fascinated by small waists, specially the nobility that could dedicate a whole day to this practice.

No wonder this tribe of dandies was easily conquered by the more powerful demons led by king Asmodeus, luckily Arcus managed to survive by becoming the king's personal slaveboy.

But the deal was quite pricy: in order to be left alive, Arcus had to learn the art of contortion to please his new master. Some time ago king Asmodeus saw a dream in which a silver-haired slaveboy was oiled up and bending in most wondrous ways. After meeting Arcus in real life, Asmodeus was very surprised and decided to spare the boy's life to make that dream come true one day.

The beginning was tough, but over time Arcus started to enjoy the stretches and even fell in love with his capturer. After he fulfilled the king's dream, he was granted freedom as a reward but remained by the king's side.

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