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Martin had always yearned to become a photographer, but his irresistible good looks allowed him to serve as his own model as well, providing him with an accelerated learning curve. Of course, posing was the most crucial aspect of modeling, so it wasn't long before Martin decided to enroll in yoga classes to explore his sensuality and unleash his inner sex god.

His instructor, Mary, couldn't help but be drawn to the long-haired young man. She saw something special in him and was eager to share her secrets for achieving maximum flexibility. As she taught him her most intimate techniques, Martin's body began to respond in ways he never thought possible.

As he stretched and contorted his body into various positions, he couldn't help but feel a surge of desire coursing through his veins. The gentle touch of his instructor's hands on his skin only intensified the sensation, leaving him breathless and wanting more.

It was during one of these sessions that Martin met Erika, a fellow teenager with an unwavering desire to become as flexible as humanly possible. The two quickly became a couple and Erika was more than happy to become Martin's first nude model. She enjoyed helping him perfect his craft and in doing so, she found herself exploring her own body in ways she never thought possible.

Erika was an avid nudist who loved to show off her lithe body for Martin all day long. Her flexibility and suppleness left him entranced and he found himself falling more and more deeply in love with her. But she also liked to switch the roles, taking on the role of the photographer. Capturing every curve and contour of Martin's body was an intoxicating experience for her, and the resulting images were nothing short of breathtaking!

As they spent more time together practicing yoga and posing for each other under Mary's guidance, Martin and Erika became incredibly limber, and their nude photography began to take on a deliciously contorted flavor. The way their bodies could twist and turn was like a dance of seduction, each pose more sensual than the last.

Erika loved to take Martin to the beach whenever possible. It was her favorite place to stretch and unwind, and she would encourage him to strike all sorts of tantalizing positions. With each passing day, Martin found himself becoming more and more adept at striking some mind-boggling poses. He reveled in the attention they brought him as a model, feeling his confidence grow with every pose he mastered.

As he posed and stretched, he couldn't help but feel a surge of desire coursing through his body. The way Erika watched him, her eyes filled with admiration and lust, only added to the intensity of the experience. It was a sensual and erotic dream they shared, one that left them both breathless and yearning for more.

Martin had always harbored a desire to become a photographer, but he could have never imagined how this passion would enrich his life in so many other ways. Together with Erika, they delved into the depths of their sensuality through yoga, photography, and each other's bodies. They knew that they were meant to be together forever!

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Beautiful!! Read more
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Awesome pose! At first glance I thought those legs were his arms and he had feet for hands...which was honestly a very hot concept XD Imagine a guy with hands and feet swapped so he walks backbend everywhere Read more
Sea wave, tanned skin, long hair, flexible body... Paradise! :) Read more
I love how tight the backbend is. His torso is so fluid and soft!! Incredible to look at.
--Alldenspa Read more
Sea wave, tanned skin, long hair, flexible body... Paradise! :) Read more
Martin, Tommy Wilde, bendy... It's like you made the picture by playing artistic bingo. These two have really hit me right in the feels and made me genuinely smile for the first time in a while. I don't know how I'll ever pay you back, but I super owe you.

I'm assuming you modeled this one on "The Boys Of Wilde Island", which is such '80s VHS schlock... I love that it's supposed to take place on a tropical island, which amounts to throwing a couple potted ficus plants on a patio.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. :)
-tbj Read more
I can't believe I totally forgot to compliment the prequel story. I also realised that you do lore like Zelda games. It's wildly inconsistent and sometimes contradictory between eras, but it's always true to who everyone is. It's just fun to see how you write these characters and see them evolve, even in backstory.
-tbj Read more
Its like "Point break" movie poster))) Patrick , is it you?)) I like the picture style - just like oldmovie filter. Read more
tolle Kombination - Yoga in der Brandung - perfekte Entspannung in dem Abendlicht , Martin ich bewundere dich !
great combination - yoga in the surf - perfect relaxation in the evening light, Martin, I admire you! Read more
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