🐈 Yoga Cats

Yoga cats on yoga mats? Yoga to be kitten me! 😹

What do you think? 😄
Kitties are born with Yuni's entire digital library in their heads, including the works that haven't even been created yet! Read more
Yeah, I think the kitty in the middle is trying to give an impression of Yasha's Nu-Clear Physics 🤣

Well, AI is too bad at anatomy to generate contortion poses, but maybe can cheat and generate bendy yoga cats to get ideas for new poses... 😂 Read more
Comedian kitties, especially emotions on the "faces". Ow my sweety. Read more
Cats are so expressive, flexible... do they have a single flaw? 😂 Read more
You are so weird! Hahahaha... I love it!
-tbj Read more
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