❄️ Winter Fairytale

Chapter 1

A fancy and heartwarming fairytale about a bendy boy named Andrew Smith, who met a winter spirit named Jason Frost :3Reading Time: about 4-6 minutes

Once upon a time, a teen boy named Andrew Smith was sitting in a split in front of a fireplace, hating the fact that it was winter and the cold was making him a bit stiff in the joints.

Andrew had always loved being flexible for as long as he could remember, it had been his lifestyle and his daily inspiration to feel happy and content while holding various bendy poses that most people couldn't do.

He arched backwards and tried to touch his head to his own butt, but once he did that, he suddenly heard some cracking. It took him a second to realize it was actually coming from the window.

Taking an upside-down look at it, he noticed strange patterns on the glass, oddly resembling a variety of slender jesterboys in all sorts of poses, one bendier than the other.

Andrew immediately rushed to look at every single one of them in detail, when right through these patterns he suddenly noticed a very pretty blond boy on the other side of the window, playing in the snow outside.

Andrew poked his nose into the cold glass to see better, when the pretty boy smiled to him and did an acrobatic cartwheel in the snow and then performed a beautiful standing split. Andrew just noticed this slender and good-looking boy was entirely covered in a shiny skintight bodysuit.

Andrew had no idea what it was about but he rushed to jump inside his own skintight bodysuit that he usually used for skiing, it was pretty warm but at the same time very stretchy, he could easily pull almost any contortion trick in it and he was so eager to show off to this new bendy boy whom he had never seen around before.

The two boys greeted and hugged each other warmly, and suddenly Andrew felt it was no longer cold, even though it was a snowfall in the middle of winter. He no longer felt any cold wind on his cheeks and could swear he wouldn't sneeze even if he was completely naked!

Andrew Smith introduced himself and heard that his new friend's name was Jason Frost. Since it felt so strangely warm, Andrew gladly accepted the invitation to walk around and followed Jason Frost into the woods.

"You know, it's not every day that I meet a boy who is almost as flexible as me! Are you the son of some new neighbors, I've never seen you around before?" Andrew wondered but Jason Frost told him, first, he's definitely more flexible and could prove it, second, he is a spirit of winter who materialized out of sheer curiosity after seeing the beautiful split Andrew was doing by the fireplace...

"Remember to never mention anything hot in front of me... That would break the spell and force me to leave..."

Andrew and Jason Frost showed off the best of their flexibility to each other, then stretched each other in a friendly challenge to discover each other's limits, then shared some tips and tricks about their favorite ways to stretch every day, then Jason Frost showed how he can magically control the snow to create beautiful ice sculptures of bendy boys in unbelievable poses.

"Wow, that one is sooo hot!" Andrew shouted in excitement but quickly covered his mouth.

Jason Frost slapped himself on the cheeks. "Too bad, I warned you! Wait... What's this?" Instead of evaporating, Jason Frost cringed like an old lady. "Ouch, I think I pulled a muscle or something, that never ever happened before!"

Andrew poked and pinched him in a few places. "I think you've turned into a real boy! Quick, try to do the standing split you showed me in the beginning!"

Jason Frost nodded and did a graceful standing split. "Ouch! I can still do it but it feels like... Ugh! So many new feelings inside my body... Is that what it feels like for real boys? Oww!"

"Yeah, I guess!" Andrew nodded. "Hey, since you're a real boy now, wanna live at my place? We could stretch all day by fireplace and my bed is too small but we could both sleep in triplefolds!"

"Haha, great idea! But... Since now I'm a real boy, now I'm very curious about all kinds of hot things..."

"Oh yeah, I've got a plenty of ideas, but let's hurry up, since your spell broke I've been getting shivers up my spine, it's been getting really cold outside!"

Andrew took his new friend by the hand and they rushed to Andrew's house, where they lived happily for a year and then moved to a bigger house after making some good money as a contortionist duo.

What do you think? 😄
So lovely story and picture of course too! :) there is nothing to add its just neat! Read more
Very glad that you enjoyed it! :D Read more
When you posted 'Waterbender' I wanted more of Yasha in a bodysuit and now you did. If your work gets any better people will be having strokes! Wow! Read more
So glad you liked! :D Hopefully only good kind of strokes XD Read more
What a nice winterstory. I love the snow-theme of your picture too. Read more
Thank you so much! 😊 Read more
Beautiful picture and a lovely story! You wrote Andrzej once instead of Andrew ;) Read more
Oops, fixed! Very glad you enjoyed :D Read more
Сегодня начало зимы, но у меня ещё нет снега и я с нетерпением жду наступления Рождества и НГ , обычно в это время у нас и падает снег...и начинается зимняя сказка...Вы наверно волшебник или Санта Клаус и услышали мои мысли и желания и подарили мне такую феерическую историю, написанную горячим сердцем - Привет из России от Яши
Today is the beginning of winter, but I don’t have snow yet and I’m looking forward to the onset of Christmas and New Year , usually at this time we have snow falling...and the winter fairy tale begins...You must be a wizard or Santa Claus and heard my thoughts and wishes and gave me such an enchanting story, written with a warm heart - Greetings from Russia from Yasha Read more
Я так рад, что вам понравилась эта история, но она не была бы полной без вашего замечательного комментария!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this story, but it wouldn't feel complete without your wonderful comment! Read more
"If your work gets any better people will be having strokes! "
-There's already been a lot of strokes to Yuni's art over years. :D Read more
So I'm not the only one who thought of this XD Read more
So cute! The asymmetry and the limited palette work so well together. And the story is so sweet and wonderful. The thought of Yasha and Andzrej contortion-cuddling next to a warm fire is just so cute ^^ Read more
Thank you so much!! From the story it seems Yasha lost his cool magic after turning into a real boy but I bet he will be now glued to the warm fire and the heat he could never feel before and of course to his new friend :D Read more
I finally had time to sit down and read this... Your writing is always amazing. You're brilliant at building a world quickly and establishing characters right away. It's brilliant.
-tbj Read more
I'm very glad you like it, I only wish I had the same enjoyment in these results as you do! Read more
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