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Waist of Time

I wanted to practice drawing a Sideview Battle enemy, trying to imitate the style of the standard enemies that come together with RPG Maker MV, a new software that allows anybody to create their own RPGs for the web :3

This is a Time Mage who believes that it's possible to stop time by what he calls "narrowing the hourglass". He is 85 years old and has silver hair but the body of a 20 years old! I guess his method works? But in his daily struggle against Time, he needs to seek help of more and more powerful minions to further narrow that "hourglass" he calls his own. But now it's time to end his misery and bring back all the stolen Time!!

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


#RPG Maker MV #demon #hoodie #muscles #sprite #waist cinching
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