😎 Unbreakable Summer

"Hey everyone! I'm on my summer break but my spine doesn't know breaks haha!" :D

I tried to recreate this amazing pose from one of Alexey's photos. Not only is he one of the most flexible contortionists out there, but his poses are incredibly artistic and unique! Give it a try and let me know how you do!

What do you think? 😄
Hey, you're back and we can comment again! 🎉

I like how you've been experimenting with different styles. This one reminds me of the movie Nomina. Read more
^ I meant Nimona, I think my phone autocorrected it. Read more
Glad to see you back and missed you lots, Alexey photolooks super good in this disney style :D Read more
Looking yummy! I'm glad you're back Yuni! (^_^) 💛 -[M] Read more
I'm so relieved to see the website again, welcome back! This pic is my favorite out of your new pieces, i love the lighting and mood of it :D
--Alldenspa Read more
Juhu juhu Yuni ist zurück
wie schön wieder deine Werke bewundern zu können,
und auch dir die nötige Anerkennung zu senden,
super Bilder Danke Yuni Read more
Oh gosh! The vibrant style of this one is really nice! I also just love the pose too. Would be nice to see more of this (also kind of curious how he'd look nude with this style. You know, intellictually. XD) Read more
Absolutely wonderful, as every other piece on this site. Every time there's new artwork I'm in disbelief Read more
I really like this style, would be awesome if you experimented more with it :) Read more
I absolutely adore this. From the subject to the background, its colorful, cozy and sweet. Not to mention this version of Alexey is just darling. Read more
Now THIS could be Capcom game art. I'd love to see him cosplaying as Elena. I really love to see you experimenting and having fun.
-tbj Read more
Read more
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