Time Bender

Yasha is too good for his time-space... Maybe he's actually a guest from the future who accidentally squeezed his waist so tight that it triggered the hourglass effect and he fell like sand all the way down the chronology?

But now what!? The only guess from him is to keep bending backwards in hope to trigger the backward effect… 😂

What do you think? 😄
О, ты как всегда угадал с Яшей - Управлять своим телом это равносильно что управлять простраственно- временным континиумом...Я был в трансе в такой кротовой норе или туннеле, но там должен быть Свет в конце пути иначе Яше не вернуться назад в будущие и вперёд в прошлое...

Oh, as always you guessed right with Yasha - Controlling your body is equivalent to controlling the space- time continuum...I was in a trance in such a wormhole or tunnel, but there must be Light at the end of the path, otherwise Yasha will not be able to return back to the future and forward to the past...

Sibirite Read more
Тот, кто контролирует позвоночник, контролирует вселенную... Может быть, поэтому большинство людей не могут целовать свои задницы... Если кто-то научится это делать, он откроет сверхспособности...
He who controls the spine, controls the universe... Maybe that's why most humans can't kiss their own butts... If anyone learns to do that, they unlock superpowers... Read more
В конце тоннеля должен быть Свет иначе путешествия Яши будут невозможны
At the end of the tunnel there should be light otherwise the journey of Yasha will be impossible Read more
В реальном мире 2022 это было больше похоже на Ягами Лайт в конце туннеля 😫
In the real world 2022 it was more like Yagami Light at the end of the tunnel Read more
I love the new style! <3 Read more
Very glad you enjoyed the picture, don't see any new style here though 😅 Read more
Doctor Who? :P
Yasha's features look extraordinary in this piece. I mean.... he always looks incredible, but something about him here really, really cateches the eye. I suspect that's what the comment above was getting at.

TFW... you realize that thing he's posing on is a time-machine and he fits inside! Read more
Hahah, can totally see him squeezing out of that small tube... 😍 Read more
love black bodysuit, sexy 😚😚 Read more
Thank you! 😁 Read more
He looks so perfect and delicate, so elegant and soft that it's impossible to imagine he's nor from a perfect future....
I love his outfit, his face and the pose... amazing as always... XD Read more
Thank you so much! Still so much is unclear about this Yasha boy who is a completely unbreakable rubber god unlike us mere mortals with hurting backs and aching stomaches XD

But if he's from the future where everybody is like him, that gives hope for the bright future where the Ruppel backbend and the Travkina oversplit are necessary basic skills for any modern person like reading/writing XD Read more
Perfect suit. Shows the beauty of perfect body while keeping clothed Read more
Thank you so much! I think it's the first time I put Yasha in a black rubbersuit, he always preferred something white... but as they say "once you go black, you never go back" 😜 Read more
Я бы хотел увидеть свет в конце Яшиного тоннеля
I would like to see the light at the end of Yasha's tunnel Read more
😁 Read more
And older look for Yasha that's just brilliant. Also... Time travel via cinching? You've got my attention.
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Well, he put the watches on his waist ⌛👍
bent down to look at it 😏⌚
and whooops! 😵🌌 Read more
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