The Tavernboy

Matthew, the son of an innkeeper in the village of Foldale, used to be the most mischievous kid...Reading Time: about 4-6 minutes

Matthew, the son of an innkeeper in the village of Foldale, used to be the most mischievous kid...

As a harbour was nearby, the village always had new faces passing through and the newcomers kept confronting the innkeeper all the time.

"You run this whole big tavern... why is your own boy dressed in rags!?"

"That little... I swear it's not like that at all..."

Indeed no matter how many new clothes he would buy, they'd end up dirty and torn at the end of the day. Not just the clothes, the havoc involved ceramic jugs and plates, perhaps only some iron mugs and wooden kegs were on the safe side of the disaster called Matthew Mills.

Luckily Mama Fortuna, the local fortune teller, told Mr. Mills over a mug of mead that his son will rise like a star if given some time and patience, and Mr. Mills was a patient man. And one day it changed...

One day a couple of acrobat twins came from across the seas, the innkeeper took his son to the main square to watch their performance but quickly regret it as the show made all his bones and joints ache like crazy.

He almost turned his feet back to the tavern when realized his little Matthew was still standing there hypnotized like a mouse in front of a couple of twisting snakes. Even shaking him by the shoulder didn't help, so they had to watch the entire thing and a bonus.

Matthew was unusually silent all day, in the evening he came out of his room that came as a big surprise to his father.

"Whoa, son, I thought you were outside the whole day!? And you look at that, not a single scratch on the new leggings? Are you feeling well?"

"Dad!! Look what I can do!"

Matthew spread his legs on the smooth wooden floor so wide apart that little by little his butt almost landed all the way down on the floor, the whole tavern went breathless, when suddenly a loud sound of torn clothes broke the silence. Matthew blushed, quickly sitting on his butt.

"Whoopsies, I forgot this might not work with them leggings on..."

"Gods, Matty, what did you just do?!" Mr. Mills raised his thick white brows so high that the entire tavern could see the color of his eyes for the first time.

Matthew giggled like an idiot and quickly crawled away.

"Sir, it's entirely not my business..." spoke some man in a top hat, "I mean it's entirely my business in fact, as a merchant who sells clothes, but I think this boy here could really use some stretchier pants and I just happen to have a perfect pair for him if you're interested!"

"What? What are you trying to sell here?"

"Eugene, I think he's right," spoke the young man sitting in front of the innkeeper. "Had no idea your son had it in him but if he's gonna keep going he could use a better pair of pants."

"Wait a minute, master Jules, keep going where?"

The young man continued: "I mean, he was a trouble so far but if you let him grow as a contortionist, imagine all the people talking about the innkeeper's contortionist son, the word will spread like fire and your tavern will be full in no time..."

"Hmm, if you look at it this way..." Mr. Mills rubbed his chin.

"He's right, you know!" nodded the top hat merchant. "That kid will make people come from afar one day just to see him, but when that day comes you better make sure he's up to their expectations, and has a fancy pair of pants!"

"Alright! Alright! How many pairs of pants do you have in stock? I'm buying all of them, I'm sure he'll find a way to tear them no matter how stretchy they are..."

"Well, he'll have to have some godlike flexibility to tear my fabric."

"What, you dare to think my boy will ever be that good!?"

"If I may, Eugene," Julian continued, "I used to take dancing lessons in Armbury, so I could coach him."

"In Armbury, huh? Well, look at you all being helpful! Alright, alright, you do your thing, just don't get too crazy."

Since then Julian visited a lot to offer a hand in Matthew's training. Sometimes he hired the boy to perform at his mansion for the esteemed guests. Matthew felt he fell in the good hands and Julian had a natural talent as a coach, whenever they had a couple of hours to practice they always made some good progress, so they ended up spending whole days together.

Matt just couldn't get enough of contortion, he thought it was contortion that he couldn't get enough of... 😏

Some characters in the picture are not mine: the fox boy belongs to Aldric Cheylan and Freck, the deer guy, belongs to Deskleaves :3

What do you think? πŸ˜„
A return to 2D art? :O Looks great!! Read more
Very glad you liked it! 😊 Read more
hmmm sam has 4 too many limbs it seems..... Read more
Depends on the story, just sometimes it's fun to see the characters differently in different worlds :3 Read more
Yaaay happy, funny tavern stuff once again. You can capture that warm welcoming feeling of friendly medieval/fantasy pub like no one else. Plus add something special as Matthew and his pants trouble X-P story.
Whole thing made me chuckle and warmed my soul. Hmm every other character looks interesting too, like that that taily fox boy from your artist friend :-)
Shifty Read more
Thank you!! Taverns are great because it's one of teh better places for contortionists to perform, good to write stories about :3

That fox boy is actually also very flexible, this is an old drawing of him from a long time ago but shows his flexibility:
And this is newer but in a more human-like form: Read more
So much cuteness! I love it! Read more
Very glad you liked 😊 Read more
great ❀ Read more
Thanks! 😁 Read more
I remember him! I'm glad that you're bringing back a wonderful performer from the past, and he's as adorable as he has always been.πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Read more
I never forgot about Matthew from Foldale! I'm so glad to know you also still remember him 😊 Read more
Thanks for links! Started imagining how he could use that tail of his during such poses as Matthew is performing... hmmm that be red cherry :-) Read more
It maybe your old style but that is what I saw that brought me to your art an still like it reminds me of the old D&D gaming days with the art work in the old books an game modules yep good old days grab me a pint to you a toast great job. Read more
Yeah I guess I was affected by those kind of illustrations in the past as well that led to similar works. Always enjoyed the medieval kind of places. Very glad you enjoyed! 😊 Read more
It is once again me :-) First! I got an idea how you could promote your art and this time it isn't so bad!
What about you post on ie deviantart, twitter etc only half or 1/3 with gradient of each of your images and rest will be filled with advertisement on this page?

Secondly... I do feel that every pixel of this picture having happy vibe about it... you did poured so much here... I see it!!! I do and others will surely too! There is nothing bad about this lovely tavern :)
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There are many ways and platforms to promote my art, I just have no energy to do that. If someone is lucky, they will find this site on their own one day... I think if you like contortion, it's not that hard to find this site eventually, the actual hard part is all the penors which is a bit beyond the acceptable threshold for most people.

At least I have some willpower left to keep creating art and I'm grateful for the few people still visiting for having the willpower to comment. But most of all I'm glad the art isn't getting much worse despite of my half-zombie state most of the time. Yes, I know, "take a break, blablabla..." But I guess I was drawing contortion for so long I can no longer take a break πŸ˜‚ Read more
Oh wow, very awesome to see you doing 2D art again! I actually didn't catch it at first, your 3D art has been so awesome I thought it was one of those.

The sheer effort that must have gone into a 2D piece that is so complicated must have been insane. Thank you so very much for sharing it with us! And with a very well written story to boot!


(PS, sorry I haven't been commenting lately. My job has had me far faaaar away from internet this past month. It's always a real treat to get back and see all your new works!) Read more
I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! 😊
And no problem, I think the problem is just me, I've long noticed the more effort I put into something the more I feel frustrated in the end. It may be all about finding the golden ratio between the effort and the end result... Read more
To tell the truth... I sometimes come to your site ONLY to go through your earlier works prior to 3d. As someone who's spent waaayyyy too many hours with DAZ, Mudbox, and a few others I can say with confidence... the real art comes from someone with nothing who creates everything. Too many times I see someone load a model in DAZ, hit render, call it 'art' and then spooge it out on some website. That's not art! They didn't create anything! Don't mean to sound purist or snotty but for me... real talent starts with nothing but an idea and follows the act of creation to it's finish. I'm even more amazed that you can just pick up an entire new medium and work it to expert level. How many talents to you have? It's supernatural. The only thing that's left is sculpting ... Well Buonarroti ? What say you ? Read more
I dunno, I judge art only based on whether I enjoy it or not. I don't care if it's made in DAZ or Art Breeder, in 1 click or 1001 clicks.

"I'm even more amazed that you can just pick up an entire new medium and work it to expert level."

Thanks... more like flexpert level 🀣 Read more
What happened to your old 2D and early works? I'm sorry if you already answered to this question somewhere else, but I love all your art. Read more
I thought it's too much for one server to handle, and since the older works almost never get any new comments, so it's like a huge burden... At first I made it 90 days but that wasn't enough pictures, then I tried 1 year, then decided to keep the works from teh last 3 years, at least that looks like a pretty good balance... For the older works, I'm thinking to make an archive and put it on to download but I haven't started working on that yet... Read more
+1 i have same question,if we can see the early works again soon? Read more
2D/older works.... thats seems as such huge pitty!!! This page was so unique because it was shrine to all of your works and one could browse through it all and experience such full measure of your genius!!!
If there is problem with space or connectivity it sure can be fixed and even money gathered if that is the problem.
And as comments goes... I sometime do comment on them and would sure do it more now.
Shifty Read more
For me it's mainly a problem of too much stuff that nobody comments or looks at, while wasting a lot of server space and causing slowdowns because of bots crawling all those pages... But if you need it so much, I'm gonna restore it...

Maybe it would be easier to make a repository on for all that stuff, but right now I'm not sure how to keep the stories alongside the pictures on that platform... Read more
How much control you have on server? If you can read headers you can ban anything with "bot" in browser title.

Or you can create some invisible cookie by javascript and prevent non js bot from browsing.

You can also ban that 3y+ old content under that "xxx" form, so only people which click that can see such content, that should solve even robots.

Also this could help

Would check server logs and determine which kind of robot does it and googled how to fight him.

Server space: Other providers sure can offer some gb for few more dolars month but iam not sure if you can set up/maintain your own vps etc... will delete your content in time, they deleted KamiNitro's page recently. Just as "they" the "good doers" deleted entire xtube site... it was very first big amateur platform and bang everything gone most stuff will never be back ever, lost, gone... .

I dont need it... I just LOVE your web site as it is now... it seems almost perfect as is your art. Every time content vanishes or you are sad... I am sad too as Iam right now :(
Since its creation became "beacon" of light and playfull happiness for me. Single one place on internet or real life where all is just right just as on this very image.
Now when most of it disappear over night I am sad eh :/

And there is so many older images I wanted to comment on but dont want to spam... to like post under everything and be boring. Or I want to create some deep long comment and then alway wants to add more and never post it....

ps: What about one upper "row" on home page to be random images? That way even old works could be more visible I guess.

Your Shifty Read more
It only matters that people care about the content, if nobody cares about something, I just take it down. You don't need to be sad about that, if you disagree with some content disappearing, just tell me and I'll most probably restore it. But I don't want to add random images to the main page or push the old content in any way. Read more
Well I thank you then, that you restored it, but still feel bit sad or something similar :( that its even issue. Read more
While I love your 3d work, it is only so brilliant because of the extra technique you ply through each piece, the painting which retains your distinct artistic character despite the 3d rendering. I am not always fond of the models of 3d artists that have not been, they can often descend into the uncanny valley; but your models always defy this tendency and are always so beautiful, so far advanced from the stiff and lifeless models that other 3d artists seem to render so frequently.
I was honestly a little frightened when you made the jump to 3d. It was this style after all that I fell in love with. The soft textures, such delicacy, rounded edges, lines so well defined amidst the softness they seem to glow. Your recent Anna Starfall and this piece are welcomed gifts from a glorious vault that will always captivate my imagination. But you have transitioned so brilliantly, naturally, a perfect and coherent evolution.
I love this scene. The rpg tavern is a place where so frequently your medieval fantasies unfold. Regardless of the way in which you produce your art, you always create the finest work. Read more
Thank you so much!! I started studying the 3d software because I wanted to try getting to the realism I saw in some of my favorite artists' galleries.
Hmm, I can't find what to say about the transition itself, I feel as if I'm forced to say things that might put either this or that part of my work in a negative light and I refuse to do so.
I don't know why I like taverns, maybe everyone has their favorite places to think about... Read more
I love this and such an awesome story
This is also my favorite theme :)
-3DSilverFox Read more
Thank you, very glad you enjoyed it 😁 Read more
When I see a fox character, like in this picture, I have to think about that side character from MLB. Funny, isn't it? Read more
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