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The Path of Maulrath

The lord of the rings and other things, Maulrath is the son of the legendary ghoul Kathaarz who, during gurotesque festivities, dismembered himself to five pieces and sent them away to the five demonic kingdoms for further torment, thus spreading his still alive body across the entire Inferia.

The slice including the lower belly, the pelvis and the genitalia remained in his homeland Vulcania in the claws of Mother Jugdasi. She hammered the testicles into a pulp and used the juice to impregnate herself and gave birth to a baby ghoul.

Mother Jugdasi used to spoil Maulrath as she raised him up and would always give him whatever he wanted: pins, needles, nails, skewers and as many tight rings as he wanted for playing with his wasp-like waist. He was shamelessly pampered and had all the pain he could possibly dream of.

Maulrath loved to play all the time and in his room he had a lot of toys for playing: big ones, sharp ones and heavy ones. Despite that, he would keep dragging Mother to the shop and whine that he wanted more toys, specially if something looked more sophisticated and hurtful than what he already had.

His room was always a mess after playing and Mother used to come after he'd fall asleep to clean up, put all the bowels and organs back into his body and sew it up, realign his dislocated bones and put him straight and flat on the bed if he managed to twist himself beyond all repair. Even though ghoul had the natural ability to regenerate their scars and wounds over night, it didn't mean that the internal organs would jump back into the body by themselves and she kept failing to explain this simple fact to her son, that he must watch out and don't let his body fall apart so much because one day she might not be there to help putting all the pieces together. After patching him up, the demoness would kiss her child's wounds, adjust his bed of nails and push him deeper into it to make sure it's painful enough for him to sleep and then, satisfied, would leave him to rest and regenerate, hoping for him to have the worst nightmares imaginable...

As the result of such parenting, Maulrath grew up into a spoiled teen who'd walk in the street in whatever state he wanted and run into adult demons to provoke them to beat him up. While taking crushing punches and kicks deep into his severely cinched stomach, he would further insult the adults by begging to be kidnapped and held in a dungeon where they could do everything they wanted with his flesh for months. Sometimes the enraged demons would tear his head off for being so disgustingly spoiled but Mother Jugdasi would always send slaves to find him and patch him up to be better than before.

But there were sometimes elder demons who'd have compassion for Maulrath and take him home to keep him as a slave for some time and give him the worst of torment. Because it's only at the oldest age that demons come to an understanding that you only live once and so it's fine to sometimes indulge in what you really enjoy. So what if he's already skinny to the bones, no ghoul has ever died of starvation yet, so let him starve a little more so he could enjoy spoiling his tiny waist with a few more metallic rings. And when he sleeps on a bed of nails, why not cover him with a massive stone plate for more discomfort...

But maybe his Mother was overly protective of him, after all, she was just like him in her own teen years and he had a long way to go to reach the level of his father...

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