🎨 The Model

First, I'm sorry that the picture doesn't look as good as my other works, almost wanted to delete it but felt too sorry for the insane amount of time it took...

Hoped to compensate with a more indepth story, hopefully will make it more fun in the end 😅

Edit: Made version 2, hopefully it's better in some ways... Perfektionismus!!! 😣

Martin, his son Nathaniel and Nate's classmate Helmut in the living room, chilling after a long photo session.

Martin: "Another milkshake, Helmut?"

Helmut: "No thanks, Mr. Ribbons! I like to be able to count my ribs, but I'm worried my chest is getting a bit too smooth lately. Even when I fold really hard! Look..."

Helmut stands up, lifts his shirt and arches his chest backwards, easily bringing his shoulderblades to his butt.

Martin: "Wowow! If you weren't Nate's friend, you could be his main rival!"

Nathaniel: "Dad!! You're embarassing me! Helmut can't even do the Snail!"

Helmut jumps on Nate, squishes him into the sofa and chokes him jokingly.

Helmut: "You piece of...dough!"

Nathaniel: "Help!! My body is a masterpiece! This is vandalism!!"

Nate giggles and struggles but only manages to pull Helmut all over himself.

Martin: "Boys! Boys! I just got a brilliant idea!!"

Nathaniel: "What, again? Can we keep our clothes on for like ten minutes? And I'm not kissing this villain any more today!"

Martin: "I wasn't thinking of that! I just had an idea that I think will help Helmut master the Snail."

Nathaniel: "This Pinocchio will never do it! To do the Snail you have to be born in a backbend!"

Helmut: "Don't make me sit on your face! Mr. Ribbons, what is that you had in mind? I'm all ears!"

Martin: "Well, it appears there's something we both want to learn. You want to learn the Snail and I always wanted to learn how to sculpt. Maybe if we combine our efforts..."

Helmut: "Whoa! I'd never have even thought of that!"

Martin: "Yeah, as a photo model you can be pretty dynamic but being a painter or sculptor's model takes holding a static pose for many hours a day. That's exactly what you need to learn the Snail. Would be great if by the time you learned it, I'd also finish the sculpture of it!"

Helmut: "Wow, like a double win! Amazing!!"

Nathaniel: "Oh yeah? How many years will that take??"

Helmut: "Shut up or I'll suck your brains out! Mr. Ribbons, for the Snail I'm ready to work full time, if necessary."

Martin: "Good! Then I'll prepare everything and we can start tomorrow after school. Don't worry, we're gonna take a lot of breaks..."

Nathaniel: "Helmut will be snailing up his spine, 5 minutes at a time!"

Helmut: "You worm!"

Martin: "I'll leave you alone, boys, I need to make some calls."

Nathaniel: "Can I come too, dad?? Leave my pants alone, villain!"

Helmut: "You're not going anywhere! Answer for all your crimes!"

Nathaniel: "No! Help! Haha! Nooo! Don't touch it..."

Martin (gulps): "But first I need to find my wife..."

Several weeks later...

Martin: "Alright! Let's try it one more time."

Helmut: "It's gonna be your fourth attempt, Mr. Ribbons. You sure that sculpture not gonna fall apart this time?"

Martin: "No way! I looked up a lot of tutorials, this time it's totally going to work out. It's going to be solid like my..." (mumbles something incomprehensible)

Helmut: "But Mr. Ribbons... I already learned the Snail..."

Nathaniel: "Yeah, dad! Now his Snail is better than mine! Not fair!!"

Martin: "Don't worry Nate, I can sculpt you next."

Nathaniel: "Yaaay! I already know the pose I really want to work on!"

Martin: "Or even better! How about you both make a composition with your best poses! It's going to be my first sculpture group."

Helmut: "No way! I'm not gonna lay on top of him for hours a day!!"

Nathaniel: "Who said you're gonna be on top, villain?"

Helmut: "Because you're just a pillow, that's why!"

Martin: "So, Helmut... You going to help me with this one or should I start a sculpture of Nate instead?"

Helmut: "No no, I'm in! I'm gonna get an even better Snail!" (sticks out tongue at Nate)

Martin: "Okay then do your warm-ups and I'll see you in the workshop in 20 minutes."

Helmut: "Can we make it 30 minutes, Mr. Ribbons? I need to fix my pillow first."

Martin: "Alright! Wait what? Oh!! I think I'll go check on my wife then, so let's meet in 40 minutes."

What do you think? 😄
Love both versions but v2 makes for a great remaster bringing all the little touches that make it enjoyable to spend hours looking at XD
I do think the socks in v1 are pretty cute on him but it's better to have him model nude so can see every inch, my guess it's more that 8 inches 🍆😜 Read more
Thanks! I tried my best to improve it but also wanted to make it more different from v1 because I wanted to keep both versions, so I thought it would be good to have versions with and without the socks 😆 Read more
I like the composition of V2 very much! The first was great, but now this is perfection! Read more
Thank you so much!! Yeah, I've noticed a second try always makes the picture much better. I guess it's like starting a video game a second time when you already know what to do 😏 Read more
While this one is clearly better I still like some aspects of old one.

I like winking with background on your older works, those greek motives are always eyecatching on their own.

But now we have better look on helmut's insane achievement, better texture of cloth on table. And ofcourse upgraded Martin and his surroundings.

And hourglass are nice touch as always.
Shifty Read more
Yeah, I didn't want to replace the old one so I made this one a bit better but also different, like no socks and all... In the first one the composition, the perspective and the grey wall were quite ugly, but still had the cute socks 😏🧦 Read more
Really beautiful!! Read more
Very glad you enjoyed... Read more
Yeah I LOVE this position, but I think is not that far from a ruppel triplefold, can you imagine? Read more
If he gets into a triplefold like that, it won't be that far from a double ruppel... Read more
If you poke during the snailing do they go WHEE!?! >:O Read more
Who knows ^^; Read more
Barefoot always trumps socks ! Read more
Can't believe my eyes:Double TripleFold??! Read more
Read more
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