The Koan

Forgot what I just wanted to say >.>
Ah yes! :]

*clears throat*

"A kōan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement in the history and lore of Zen Buddhism, generally containing aspects that are inaccessible to rational understanding, yet may be accessible to intuition."
-- Wikipedia.


Sooo... it has been a long tradition between my buddy Shu and me to call those acrobatic postures "koans" since some of them are so irrational they can even put you in a meditative/hypnotized state of mind... :


Getting back to the picture, I believe it's the first work with a decent volume in the background as well as the balance of black and white I always wanted to reach. Yay!! ^^

His legs make me so irrationally happy, and so does the face, which turnt out unexpectedly lively ^-^

Enjoy ^__^

What do you think? 😄
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