The Game Master

A little parody on the final goal of every great contourtionist XD

The Game Master is a pretty unique (truly the first of its kind) character from the show "Voyage de la Vie" at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore, they have an ad with him showing off a bit.

According to the plot of the show, he is a little mischievous sprite who possesses the magical ability to take all and every pose which isn't quite doable to say the least :3

The character is depicted by the prodigy contortionist Alexey Goloborodko. His performance is about 3 minutes long but he steals the whole show ^_^

Anyways, this is the Game Master, just chilling in his magical garden, where he is used to meditate in his very own self-invented yoga postures :3

Technically, it's something like a lotus, mixed with an almost 360 degrees oversplit, 270 degrees torso twist, 180 degrees finger stretch, 90 degrees shoulder dislocation and God only knows what else >.> We'll need a very special, non-euclidean ruler to measure all that properly O_o

💌 What do you think?

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