πŸ₯₯ The Foreign Rival

Part 3

"I must warn, as a Greek hero I might get excited around another guy!"

"Around and round and round..." Andremede smirked.

"Ouch! Just kidding, I love it! Pull harder!!"

"Hmmmm, you're my first student who made it so far without a pulled muscle or a broken joint. I must admit, I am quite impressed!"

"Thanks! But say, your body doesn't bulge with muscles exactly, yet your grasp is like that of a python!"

"You're getting around pythons a lot in Greece?"

"No but I heard they like to twist the victim to crush its bones before they swallow it!"

"Yeah, the Snake Goddess gave me some, umm, extra powers... Wait, did you just say they swallow the victim after twisting it? You dirty Greek!"

"Hehehe, how can I help, that's who I am!"

"Okay cut! Seriously, who wrote this stupid script? I didn't get to bend a single time in almost twenty minutes of screen time! And Yasha gets to fold like a human nightstand, then twist like a wet towel... I wanted to be the human nightstand!"

"Relax, Andrzej, you literally bend non-stop in every episode, so many viewers voted to see you in some normal poses for once!"

"Sure! First you turn me into a literal girl with all that long hair and make-up, next you make me pose for your promo porn every day now, and now I don't even get to do any contortion for a whole episode! This TV series is infuriating! It's all Yasha's fault!"

"Why is it my fault? Come on, blame it all on Yasha as if you're not actually enjoying any of it! Your old short-haired self, a circus boy packed in a bodysuit. It was an eggshell! You have to break from your eggshell. You're not a kid anymore. Can't sit inside the egg your whole life! You need to show the world what a gorgeous chick you truly are!"

"Oh shut up, you stupid Siberian farmer."

"Huh... So what about Jason's reward scene? I don't want my balls bitten off because you're so upset! Perhaps it's best to take a break for a few days and see if we can rework the script to take it out."

"Whut? W- wait, I was sort of looking forward to that scene..."

"Ok, good to hear it. Though it's almost unprofessional the way we have to set your mood for every scene, even if it's your first role."

"Alright, I'm sorry! I'm not inflexible, I swear, I'm just learning. I'm a circus boy, I've never been in movies before. So I get it, it's not the stage, can't expect to be contorted at all times in a movie with a plot written by the other guy. Even if the project is called 'Son of Cleo', who is supposed to be me, yet Yasha gets all the bendy parts in the entire episode..."

"Just open up a little more and stop overthinking every episode when we have over a hundred of them planned! We've already got the story and we're ranking #1 on ContorTV, we've already got more viewers than "The Strangle Book", "Dom & Jelly" and "Alik in Limberland" put together, so stop doubting our strategies already!"

"Alright, alright. Can we get to the reward scene, I think I need something nice to lift my mood..."

"Well, there's a surprise for you Andrzej, because Jason has impressed Andremede so much that now Andremede feels like the teacher has to outbend the new student. The viewers shouldn't get the impression that Jason is so good he literally has nothing to learn from that Egyptian fella. So as Jason's teacher you're going to reveal your true form and impress him..."

"Seriously??? Well, you better all keep your eyes peeled for the finest contortion show you've ever seen! You kept me waiting for so long, now it's some serious payback time!!"

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Tu imaginacion en la poses no tiene limite.... increible pose.
Your imagination with the poses has no limit.... incredible pose. Read more
Gracias! Las poses flexibles son tan hermosas que no puedo parar! 😜
Thank you! Flexible poses are so beautiful that I can't stop! Read more
Ahh I like This kind of narrative. It's just as flexible as This couple! Read more
Thank you so much!! Yeah the story sort of bent itself in half in the middle 🀣 Read more
Is this drawn or 3D modelled? Read more
It's actually made in MS Paint pixel by pixel 🀣 Read more
Glad to see they managed to patch up the rivalry. They're looking especially cute (and a little painterly!) Read more
Thank you so much! 😊 Read more
boner alt? :P Read more
Can't visualize it here personally πŸ˜› Read more
It must take a little effort for Yasha to hold this split because his too flexible! haha Read more
He doesn't even have to hold the split, so can hold some butt instead 🀣 Read more
The most flexible drawn!! Read more
πŸ˜‰ Read more
Now I do believe that Yasha has no limits! Not that I doubted it before, but this.... Holy .... Beyond impressive! I'd so love to join them!!! And I just realized that hand! :D Read more
Very glad you enjoyed! Yeah, Yasha is very stretchy but of course I like to make his bends look realistic, as if someone could actually do it at some point if they try really hard πŸ˜‰ Read more
Another lovely image. I especially like Andrzej in this one, Yasha is too bent for my taste.
Anyway, I had a thought. What if you had the option to donate to get some Hi-rez images. I'm sure you have them bigger than 1200x1600. I mean, your art is so darn good that people (like me) would love to contribute for extra options.
How about that, think, I could make a big wall poster of, I don't know, Falaerin! =)
/<o> Read more
Sorry Yasha's bend doesn't match your taste but I'm afraid you're expecting a taco at a sushi restaurant...

About the high resolution images, I actually don't have them, so can't really help with getting better posters unless you want to use some kind of image upscaling software like waifu2x.udp.jp or google "image upscaler".

The only way to actually make a meaningful contribution is to comment on my posts, but you are already one of my top 3 commenters 😊 Read more
Can you please make some new episodes? I am really looking for seeing Andrzej stretching more than Yasha at this time. Read more
There are 69 pictures of Andrzej already but of course it's not the reason to stop making them until there's at least 420 😏 Read more
ThatΒ΄s some crazy pose again. I wonder, if they grow spines in their extremities some day XD. Read more
What do you mean πŸ˜… Read more
Wholesomely sexy <3 Read more
Very glad you liked! 😊 Read more
Smoking Hot !! Read more
Glad you enjoyed! 😊 Read more
Ces corps, ces visages sont incroyablement vivants, et Γ  la fois candides et pervers.
These bodies, these faces are incredibly alive, and at the same time candid and perverse.
Thank you. Read more
Merci beaucoup! 😊
Thank you so much! Read more
When one is in Egypt, one should delve deeply into its treasures :D Read more
But I think they break all Egyptian laws by not keeping their faces in profile at all times πŸ˜‚ Read more
Andrzej and Yasha, you are my favorites. I love you! Read more
Very glad you liked them! 😊 Read more
Sexy entanglement! Love ❀️ the sandals ! Read more
Training together seems to be much more fun. But it bears the danger of being more distracting... Of course Andrzej's hand there is purely for support. ;-) Though his face speaks a different language. :D Read more
Yes, Yasha's hand on Andrzej's butt is also purely for support but since all their hands are already used I think they might need to use some mouth-to-mouth next if they intend to twist him further, it seems to be the only way! :D Read more
Read more
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