🌌 T17-0082107

107 now in 3D 😏

What do you think? 😄
If robots take over the world, then let them be like 107, then I am not against such a conquest! Read more
Yeah, if the future is full of robots but they actually look like cute boys instead of all those stereotypical sexist female bots, that future seems much less like a dystopia to me! 😁 Read more
Its... it's everything that was amazing about Tron: Legacy combined with everything that's awesome about a Yuni bishie!

He'd win every cos-play competition on the planet, just on the strength of his tight, slender body and his incredible face!

Something about your characters, Yuni. They really are "heartbreakingly beautiful". Read more
Thank you! 😁 Read more
Oh, wow! This looks like a promising evening!
You captured once again the face's emotion so wonderful it makes my heart melt!
<3 Read more
Glad you liked 😊 Read more
Is that an on button or a charging port?

I'd definitely 'plug n play' Read more
He's drop dead Gorgeous 💕 Read more
Thanks! 😊 Read more
A very sexy blast from the past. Don't tell me you took his toy away??
-tbj Read more
Thank you so much! If you mean his whanger, I think it's still on him :D Read more
Read more
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