Swan's Fluff (WIP)

Yasha Lebedev: "I want people to enjoy my body like they enjoy a marble masterpiece in an art museum."

Daily Bend Magazine presents Hoops of Tomorrow! The prettiest femboys in sports from all over the world! Today with us we have the circus contortionist Yasha Lebedev!

Yasha is a refined pearl, raised in great appreciation of classical art. His favorite color is white and beside the overwhelming interest for ballet and symphony, he likes to go to art museums to look up to the white marble sculptures of nude youths for his inspiration.

"I could go there every day just to look at the same sculptures because they're the biggest source of artistic ideas for me. I also like the delighted look in other people's eyes while they look at these sculptures... I only dream to receive such looks from people when I perform!"

Yasha knows what kind of praise he wants to hear one day and is working hard toward it together with his beloved trainer Marina.

"Just like it is with museums, I want people to come to look at my show full of their own problems, but for a moment there feel like they're in touch with something heavenly, like some peace in the middle of troubles. That's why I try to achieve the impossible with flexibility. I want the impossible bends to look as if they're very easy to do, I want people to believe in miracles, even for ten minutes, and I want to see those delighted eyes, aimed at me!"

Thanks to his androgyny, Yasha often gets in touch with the heavenly theme himself. The indepth study of ancient aesthetics has gradually left him nearly naked on stage as he grew up from a child to a teenager, more and more embracing the role of some otherworldly, angelic creature.

His current outfit was designed for a New Year's party where he played a snow angel. The intro was more theatrical with him also wearing a long white skirt and white furs around his neck. As the choral music evolved beautifully, the skirt and furs fell on the ground, leaving him in what looked just like the perfect outfit for any athlete!

Thus, accompanied by the angelic soprano voices, Yasha proceeded straight to the heavenly part, surely multiplying the numbers of people craving for heaven but hopelessly slipping into hell as they watched the most unexpected combinations of body parts touching and folding with unearthly ease...

The performance was so good that it evolved into a stand-alone piece ever since.

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