🏎️ Stretchmobile

Behold Prince Andrzej and his unbreakable chariot!

The front and back parts of this car are only connected by Yasha's unbreakable spine! It must feel amazing to take turns and drive over rough surfaces but nothing like driving uphill! 😅

What do you think? 😄
Very nice. Yasha's outfit is almost as seductive as Andrej's.
I wonder what they get up to when they run out of gas? Read more
Being from Houston, home of both a major Pride festival, the Art Car Parade, and a massive alternative scene, I can tell you that this would be the hit of everything if it was real. This is awesome and hot.

-tbj Read more
really impresive i love a lot this image i think its full of potential xD Read more
Those are some sexy outfits. Can't make up my mind who is sexier. Yasha's tight latex "clothes" are inviting anyone to 69 him inverted like that. He even is showing knee hyperextension. Andrzej is looking dominant steering his chariot like that, even in that delicious high cut leotard. Read more
love yashas outfit Read more
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