Stretch Test (WIP)

Yasha visiting his Chinese grandfather Yan Feng Gu (the famous Wushu master) :3

"Hi Gramps!"
"Yasha! You're finally here! Let me give you a hug!"
"Grrr Gramps I can't... breathe!"
"Ha! Ha! OH! What's this!? Yasa, you finally grew your braid long enough! You look like a real kung fu boy! Now we can practice some real Soft Bone Kung Fu!"

严峰鹄 / Yan Feng Gu

In Chinese, the character 鹄, means swan. "Yan" is his family name, which is a bit like "Ya" in "Yash", means strict. And "Feng" means mountain.

Thanks to Saraka for designing this beautiful Chinese outfit for Yasha, helping with the name for the Grandfather and for the background photo! 😊

What do you think? 😄
😍😍 increíble dibujo, me encanta ese oversplit de Yasha, lo que si antes tenía una historia más picante esta imagen 🤭
incredible drawing, I love that oversplit of Yasha, what if this image had a spicier story before Read more
A Yasha seguramente le encanta abrir las piernas! 😅
Yasha surely loves to spread his legs! Read more
i need that top yasha is wearing Read more
I think it's a custom sleeveless Cheongsam with a heart-shaped cut on the chest to show the nipples 😛 Read more
Why not let him deeply twist his legs more and more than 360 degrees!I trust that he can do that Read more
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