Spineless Palateen βš”

"I know you're there! Unfold yourself!"

The knights of Armbury doubled their efforts but the evil is not a potato to be crushed so easily!

The Oath of the Spineless is an understanding that true strength comes from flexibility. Life is an ever-changing experience, and one must bend and flow to adapt to anything that comes their way.

Tenets of the Spineless:
Training. Knowledge and understanding is core to adaptation. Develop your skills, focus on self-improvement, and you will not only shape yourself but your world.
Balance. The world is not defined in black and white, there are always shades of grey. You must be able to shift with circumstances, but you can never lose your footing.
Strength. Spinelessness must be controlled with a strong core. As with the physical, so does this hold true spiritually. If you can't control yourself, you will fall.
Warm up. Immediately going to your limit will bring nothing but pain and injury. Small acts of spinelessness, built up over time, can allow you to reach and exceed your limits.
Sounds fair, I like the last point. I bet spinelessness really helps to swing that huge sword back and forth and all around, requiring more of unbreakable joints and stretchy back/limbs than actual strength 😜
Strange pose to fight )) is it useful ??))
- Com'n GreenSkins, I gonna cut ya down !
- Where are you, human? Taste my hammer ! I wanna smash ya ! Ra-a-a
Haha well, I don't know if it's "useful", just thought it looked cool πŸ˜›
Yuni you're completely on fire! Awesome!! Thank you! 😘
I can visualize a human body being that flexible. But armor? Maybe he can leap tall buildings with a single bound and bend steel with his bare abs. Who knows! 😏
I want to see his flexibility in action! Hehe Well here it is, no? πŸ˜›
For me best thing here is Lawren's face, amor must be special "rainbow serpent" issue (nice how each surrounding change its colour).
This must be also first time ever anyone captured "spineless" knight during this particular move.
Even stone floor is good loking :-!

Kagemaru run! You won't win this one.
Thank you so much! Does anyone else have spineless knight characters?? Don't think I've seen them πŸ˜‚
Shiny armor is one way to appropriately dress in a non-revealing way, without being a modest barbarian XD
Hmmmmm... I guess so πŸ€”
"Bend back! Bend back! Don't cum any closer or you'll feel my sword up your ass" 😜
If the evil is not an (couch) potato could it be a Pretzel?! 😱
I bet pretzels were forbidden by the inquisition for their wicked shapes 🀣
Not even a suit of armour can stop the bend knees ahaha Nope 😜
That's one shiny boi! 😊
I consider myself straight... unless we’re talking about yuni art 😳 Yeah, my art is all bent πŸ˜‚
A dangerous enemy. Where is his front, and where is his backside and from which side he attacks. And no need to do pirouettes with that sword when can just twist πŸ˜„
πŸ’Œ What do you think?

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