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Son of a Witch

Water MelonsOnce upon a time lived a nameless witch whom people called Melonie because she made a living by selling melons she grew in a little melon farm, and she had enormously large breasts too!

Once when she was bored she took two melon seeds, enchanted them, put them in her womb and soon gave birth to the two twin boys, whom she named Diego and Lucas. Being born from melon seeds, no wonder they grew up to look so sweet! But to keep them by her side and keep them happy at the same time, Melonie enchanted them to be in love with each other, as well as with herself, so the boys grew up most happily and never really cared much to leave the mother's hut.

Double Trick v2To keep them busy for a whole day, Melonie interested both sons in contortion, but for fun's sake made Diego more into backbends and Lucas more into frontbends. By their late teens, both sons gone incredibly far in their own directions, and even started performing as a contortion duo, quickly spreading their fame all over the nearby cities and villages.

Lucas for one gained the name of the Ouroboros, the self-eating snake, for the reasons we can't disclose in a fairytale for decency. And let's go further saying that living in a witch's hut, away from the society's morality, he naturally grew a major addiction for one-eyed snakes and usually was responsible for snake-charming both his own and his brother's snake in tighter situations, but... now we shall end this fairytale until it slipped completely into the gutter XD

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