Snow Snail

Yeah, that's Snail, the creature that lives in the shell. Ouch! But hey, you have to be quite limber to pack yourself up into a snail shell, ne? o.o I guessed so...

What do you think? 😄
I've always loved this one XD Read more's like 5 years old now :D Sooo glad you like it still :P Read more
I love the 'skethcy' one on the bak praising it all *giggles* Read more
So glad you like him ^^ Read more
I love the little snail, it's so damn cute X3 Read more
So glad you like him XP Read more
i just love snails, and i just love tis one =) <3 Read more
Hehe, glad you liked him ^-^ <3 Read more
this is a fun piece. love the snail and the snowy effect! Read more
Thank you so much <3 Read more
EEEE! *hugs him* How did I miss him? D:
He's my favorite. Read more
Thank you so much ^^
Definitely my favorite as well, still the best piccy I've ever drawn :o Read more
interesting!!!! Read more
Yay XD Read more
^^ so cute Read more
thankies ^-^ Read more
I hope that branch is strong enough! Noticing that he's nude, that would be something to have a nude contortionist for a life drawing session! I think that would be a lot of fun! Cool thing with contortionsist though is for the most part the are almost practically nude in one sense, wearing all the skin tight outfits or even just very little at all. Besides contortion IS turning the body itself into art forgetting the clothes. Read more
Yes indeed, minimal clothing for the win, and I personally don't really enjoy a backbend as much if I'm unable to see the actual play of skin and muscles, so bending while wearing loose clothes seems like a major waste of talent. I'm not the biggest fan of showing off the private bits, so I really do prefer either skin tight outfits or some sort of small panties (even on male subjects, I don't think they're girly since bodybuilders wear them and contortion is very similar to bodybuilding, since it's all about the body). As for this picture in particular, this is a race I made based on slugs and humans, but their reproductive organs are those of slugs, that said, they don't have any human genitals at all and instead they have a long luminous "tongue" that comes out of the hole in the belly button. They're also used to live in trees and have naturally flexible muscles and even bones... Read more
Isn't he lovely!?!?
I can't believe I missed him, after all the times I've been through your gallery, I've never seen him before! Read more
Thank you so much for the compliment! ^_^
It's the first drawing in my gallery, I believe ^-^
(but not the first I made, of course) Read more
Snails always make me think that they would be the hippie/stoner type kids if they were in high school.
Gym Teacher: "Why aren't you running, Snail!?"
Snail: "There's no reason to hurry, man~
Just go with the flow, enjoy life slowly and you'll see a lot." Read more
XD Now this one is classic i love this one. Read more
I love this piece. ^^
I've been through your gallery a few times but I always come back to this one. I'm not sure why.
My favorite parts of the picture are the legs (not sure why...) and the face. I greatly love his expression.

Either way, this picture is amazing, as are all your other pieces. <3 Read more
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