Snow Snail

Here's another little redraw of an old pic :3

People of the desert sometimes look completely puzzled when they learn about various flexibility-loving creatures of the far north... Well I guess increased flexibility is often associated with the sun and heat, but the truth is that it's equally possible in the conditions of the eternal winter! o.o

The snow snail is a proof of it, these creatures greatly enjoy the freshness of cold snow and the only thing that can make the frosty morning even better is a series of stretches upon a frozen tree branch :D

For snow snails any heat is suffocating, they only love the coldest climates, so if you want to see them you have to dress really warm :/ Like many inhabitants of the far north, they really love ice cream and for a couple of cones will show you some of the prettiest things you'll ever see!

This is a strangely comforting image in a way. And strangely warming 😆
I love this guy so much! I'm so happy you like him! 😊
I love so much when a fleshy ass is pressed tight on the back Oh yeah, my favorite moment about tight backbends too, to feel your own ass pressing on your back must be delightful. We need some naughty but at the same time talented contortionist to post a video where they brag about how good it feels 😜
please, tell me if you have such a video ! I don't, I said it would be great if there was such a video 😄

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