Shoelaces on Fire WIP

Hips shake to the rhythm as the tiny waist gets so hot it almost burns the poor shoelace used to keep it tight!

Many years ago I first told you about Hudja, the village that suffered regular poor harvests and people had to really tighten their belts to survive.

After a few generations the waists of the villagers became so tiny that it attracted many travelers who quickly spread the word about the oddity.

Many people came to look, some pitied the villagers for their suffering and gave them money, but some others encouraged the village's pretty teens to show off how tight they could fasten their belts and how nicely they could dance with the tight belts on, and naturally gave them a whole lot more money for such a show!

The villagers weren't fools and quickly figured it out how to improve Hudja's economy. After a few more generations belting turned state of the art, combining the brilliant ideas from the best physicians, herbalists and tailors. Many youths trained themselves since the early childhood to become successful at belted dancing.

Today, the wasped waists of Hudja attract tourists from all over the world and the tight belts encompass everything in the village, from the waist-bound monks and priests of the new religion that worships the local deity Vespa, to the dancing of the sexy youths-for-hire by the campfire, who are merely after easy cash and worldly pleasures.

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