🌷 RG School - Francine

Francine a.k.a. Frankie has some gum-blowing... I mean mind-blowing skills when it comes to rhythmic gymnastics, but also quite a bubbly butt... wait whut? I mean, quite a playful personality 😏

Anyways, Francine is from Curious4ever's forthcoming "RG School" story. It's not finished yet but we did discuss some characters and they're all really inspiring.

Edit: The story is finished now and it's called Simon Stringfellow :3

What do you think? 😄
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Yup, perfect in both of dose parts 😏 Read more
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I was never good at making bubbles, but that's not the reason I'm envyous ;) Read more
Looks like Frankie, uh Francine is having a ball with his new appearance and skills. Read more
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Omg... Really Cute ‘n Sexy...! 😋😋👌 Read more
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