Prince of Stretching

Another award for Yasha but this time in his homeland Siberia 😂

Sorry I don't know what story to write for this, I just love how flexible he is XD

What do you think? 😄
I love how flexible Yasha is. The ribs and navel concavity are always the most beautiful in a fold so extreme. I love to see Yasha pushed to limits secret and unknown. This is a very nice image. Read more
Fuuuuuuuuck... You don't do nearly enough cross dressing. Also, I want to everything primal to him right there...

-tbj Read more
Love at first sight - it's a real thing with Yasha Read more
I really like Asha wearing silk stockings Read more
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Pretty pliable pristine princess <3 Read more
As soon as you don't stretching, just to take the throne! Yasha will be a very flexible politician, in every sense! 😜 Read more
Yes, I bet his military tactics will be very good, and he will win the support of everyone!
...and he will be getting some support from the army of the Bent, which will be a very strong army...

"He is very good for the forces of the Bent!"

This quote, while it may seem a bit unfair, is very accurate. As well as the military support he has received from the Bent as a human being, he will receive aid from the military intelligence agency of the Bent as well as the Bent itself.
Because it is obvious, there is no real choice for his fate. His real full name is Ralph "Yasha le Bendev" Tresolini...
The Bent is a corrupt organization that has been doing it's dirty work for many decades, but the end goal still remains the same:
The Bent believes in the power of power.
If you're looking for an answer that will make you happy, then:
The answer is yes.

You are afraid of the old school of thinking. The old school of thinking is so strong that it is impossible to change.
Ralph Tresolini, leader of Bent Inc., is going crazy. He has a few men and some computers working for him to build a computer network to communicate with the other companies in the Bent network. He wants to know what the other Bent is doing and why they're doing it. As he's thinking this, he discovers that the Bent is getting nervous and will have to hire someone else to do the work.

"I'm thinking: we'll have to hire somebody to do the work. Then we'll have a Bentian person on the team. We'll have a team. It's all going to be on Bentian time. Can we hire somebody on Bentian time?"
"Yes, Ralph," says the other Bent. "We have the resources to hire someone on Bentian time," he replies. "That's possible, isn't it, Ralph?"
"It is possible," the other Bent answers. There is nothing impossible for Ralph 'Yasha le Bendev' Tresolini..."

The last "y" is an important letter. It appears in the "Y's" column the last of the first part of Ralph's email. It begins:
"Dear Ralph Bent, It is possible... I... I'm your friend, Ralph Bent. And that's enough..."
The "y" is very important, because it means "I". There is nothing "unimportant" about it.
If "y" is an important letter, then this final sentence from Ralph is also important - in a different way. And it is very rare indeed for someone to see what is important and what is not.

If you are reading this from a mailbag, then the letter *has* the meaning "is" about what it says on the outside.
On the other hand, if you are reading it from a news item on a website, then it means only what it says in the original sentence -
it is only about what it is saying on the inside.
You are not bound by the sentence you are reading. You are free to take the "y" off and consider it as "unimportant". You are not even bound by the "y".
The sentences are written in a modern style and you can take the "y" off to better understand what we are talking about.

"Y" is for Yasha, Yuni, and Eris, because a human body can be as flexible as possible even when it is not in perfect form or without arms.
Since humans are capable of changing their shape, the shape of an NPC is not so much based on what they look like as it is the kind of role they play.
A human is a whole individual. It can look like you or anyone else of a similar age. A human being has the ability to grow and change a bit as it matures.
The human body has four basic shapes: round, oval, trapezoidal, and rectangular. The human body is made of bones, tissue, skin, blood, nerves, cells, hormones, and muscles. The basic shape consists of your skeleton, the layers of which are called bones. Then it is the tissue that makes up your organs, muscles, and blood that makes up your body.

So how does the human body work?
The human body makes contact with the different objects that are around you. Your nails, hair, eyes, and mouth send out messages to your body. Your voice sends it a message to let your body know what’s going on.
All human bodies are made up of the same six basic shapes: a human skeleton and 10 layers of tissue.

Of course Ralph always knew that but Ralph is having a ball with the game on the floor. In fact, he’s totally getting paid for his efforts here. But that’s a different story for a different time.
In any case, it looks like Ralph could be pretty cool if he was just a little less obsessed with his job.
This is the point where I really could not tell you how to keep on reading, at least not for this long.

In the end, it is a very real story, and a good one, but I would not want to waste anybody’s time if I were you by reading a synopsis. You’ll have better luck going to the story itself and reading out what is really there. So yes, the “good parts” are there, and I can’t tell you how to avoid them, as they are the story of that journey to the border. It’s my feeling that the writer of this book, or the “author” as he calls himself, did not take a lot of ideas from real life, and the stories of those who have crossed this border are a reminder of that.

When I was asked to write a synopsis of “Prince of Stretching”, I thought this “Prince of Stretching” is an interesting picture that I consider to be the most ambitious of all the Prince pictures, and I think that’s what makes it so great.
The story behind this picture is actually, like most of the Prince stories, very simple.

There exists today in the world a man called Prince of Stretching, who is very clever, very strong, very capable and very ambitious. And he wants to find a way to become even more strong, more capable and more ambitious, since this kind of goal is very difficult to come by as a human and a rational individual.
And he has already been trying to do this in his life, but he always got defeated and failed. And now this man is on his way to get his own way, and to achieve his goal, because it has always been his goal in his existence.

And it’s up to Prince to become even more strong, more capable and more ambitious. And to do that, he has created a machine, he has called it a “spinner”. And it has a very nice name for it, this machine.
The Spinner’s goal is to spin a certain kind of cloth into a desired shape, in this case a human body, and then return it back to its original size. This is important because of the fact that humans and a lot of other creatures, such as cockroaches and spiders, are far too small to be used for this purpose, and those tiny things, if they get inside too much, can easily become a danger, and a very bad thing indeed. They can’t handle the force of this spinning machine, however, and because of this, it will go wrong every now and again, and you will have to do something else to get the parts back to their original size.

Well, the good news is that this machine is capable of doing that and that’s where the machine comes in. But that’s not all. In order to spin the body once again, the Spinner has to spin the body using the human body’s own cells, and that is where the machine come in. Because the body has its own cells, it can withstand the spinning, and the Spinner works with the human body’s cells and then returns the body to the original size.

Now, if we look close to the front, we will see how this machine works. The Spinner is attached to the human body’s skin, but we’ll put the back of the body on top of the Spinner, because it will be more convenient to hold. And this is because the Spinner is a machine, and therefore, has a power source. There is a power source on the side of the machine, in the machine base. Actually, there are many parts in the Spinner: power source, the body, the machine body, the machine base, all of this part is made by a part of metal called the gear. All of these parts are made by the gear. Also, the gear is connected to a metal part called the lever, which is attached to a metal part called the socket.


The lever is attached to the socket, and then the lever is attached to the body. Now, let us see what the power source of the Spinner is made by: that metal part called the gear. The gear has two teeth, and these two teeth are placed in the sockets. The inner top of the gear has a hole; when we put the gear on the body, the inner top of the gear has a hole, and the inner top of the gear fits into the hole on the inside of the gear.


The inner top of the gear is made by a metal part called the nut; this nut has holes on its two sides, and a hole on its middle one. When we put the metal part on the body, we can see the two holes on the outside of the nut. We do this by using a metal part called the screw. It has a head, and a hole on its end; it goes into the hole on the nut. So, we can see them, and we do this by using the screw. I hope you're following because I want each section to be as clear as I know how to do it.

Q. Now how do you know how to put all these pieces on the gear?

A. All of the gear is put together on a special lathe. We don't have that here at home; we use a machine that does just that. We use this machine to put the gear on the lathe.

As you can see. Each gear and the nut are put together on the body by using a special lathe; the bottom part is metal, and the top part is made of a human body. We use a special lathe to put them together. The gear is put on the body using special lathes.

Q. What happens to the top part of the gear?

A. Let me show you. You can see that there are holes on the first sides, and there are holes on the upper side. The top holes are on the inner side, so that the threads can come through easily.

Q. How can I see what is going on in the gear?

In the gear, if you look at the lower side, there are two rings on the lower face, and the top face, there are two rings on the outer face; they are the top and the bottom ring; there is the ring on the upper face. This is the ring of the gear. The inner ring is the same as the one on the top face. Therefore, it is the same.

Q. How do you hold the inner ring?

You simply use the inner ring as a fulcrum when you hold it tight. This is called holding the ring from the top or the bottom.

Q. How do you hold the inner ring in the middle?

This is a variation of holding the ring from the bottom.

Q. How do you hold the two rings?

You use the two rings to hold it from the inner side. This is why we need to use two rings.

Q. How do you tie the rings on the middle ring?

You can tie the rings on the middle ring from both ends.

Q. What should you do after you knot your rings?

You can let them be loose for now and keep them on the top of the top ring which is the middle one. Once you have finished the top ring, you can tie it off from the bottom ring which is the outer ring.

Q. How do you make a slip knot on the outer ring?

You need to make a slip knot on the outer ring to use it for your slip ring.

Q. What kind of knot do you use for a slip ring?

There are many types of knots. This will depend on your preference, so do that.
There are two types of slip rings. One is called a half slip ring and the other is called a full slip ring.
A half slip ring is commonly called a square knot. It can be formed using this method:

Slip a rope through the center of the knot and tie the strands together with a quarter hitch. You may also use a quarter hitch to tie the 2 strands together, but you will have to be careful not to twist your feet or your shoulder. This will break off the half slip ring and make it impossible to slip the rope off the half slip ring after you tie the half knot.

The problem can usually be simplified if you have a single object. If for example, you have
struct A { int a : 1, int b : 2 };

then you can make three copies of that struct:
A* a = new A[3];
A* b = new A[2];
A* c = new A[3];

This will simplify your code considerably. In general, you could do the same thing with a container that has a fixed size.

As a conclusion, I think that my explanation was perfect for this kind of work - so thank you for that!
The above is in Italian, but it is easy to translate and understand.
For now, I would like to mention that I have many thanks to the users of this site for your valuable help. Without you all, I would not have reached to this state of knowing about this subject. Read more
Hot! Have you ever considered Melting art? I would love to see some of your beautiful boys melt into puddles 😍 Read more
it's so good Read more
Have you ever considered melting images? I would love to see these beautiful boys melt into puddles! Great work 😍 Read more
Watching this I dream about Yasha making out with Jessica... that would be a twisty experience?! Read more
Love ❤️ his crown ! It's the ' crowning touch ' ! Read more
Asi bien el dibujo parece una pose de rana... es fantastico Read more
Read that comment till the end :-D but untangle it could be real challenge X-D
Like a lot you refreshed similar very old picture this way. Liked it then and love this now :)
Shifty Read more
Cool! I'm trying to study the text generation ai and laughed my ass off probably 420 times even while re-reading that garbage.

😐 <-- the face I was trying to make, I think the longest was about 4 seconds

About the pic, thank you XD Tried to make the crown with img2img but only just noticed it's lacking the backside... No purrfection in this world!!! >,< Read more
Как специалист по Сибири могу ответсвенно заявить, что история проста как этот мир...У отца с матерью было три сына...Два умных а младший Иван-дурак, пришло время парням искать свою половинку и они пустили свои стрелы в небо...Стрела старшего упала на боярский двор, среднего на купеческий, а младшего улетела на секретную базу Бентов...мораль сей басни такова - Двое женились на лягушках, а Ванечка нашёл своё счастье в объятьях Яши...Разгадав шифр тайной организации нетрудно понять что в этом ребусе нехватает только стрелы что держит во рту Яша - тогда образ Царевны-лягушки будет полностью завершён...)) С наилучшими пожеланиями двойной агент
As a specialist in Siberia, I can responsibly declare that the story is as simple as this world...Father and mother had three sons...Two smart ones and the youngest Ivan was a fool, it was time for the guys to look for their soul mates and they shot their arrows into the sky...The elder son's arrow fell on the boyar court, the middle one's on the merchant's, and the youngest's flew off to the secret base of the Bents...the moral of this fable is this - Two of them married frogs, and Vanya found his happiness in the arms of Yasha...Having solved the cipher of the secret organization, it is easy to understand that in this rebus, only an arrow that Yasha is holding in his mouth is missing - then the image of the Frog Princess would be fully completed...)) Best regards, double agent Read more
Дуракам везет! Только это был не Ваня, а Анджейек, и, к сожалению, не стрелы, а дальнобойные ракеты, но он действительно попал в потайную точку сибиряка, так что простыми позами не отделался и был скручен, как бараний рог за его наглость. Как-то не догадался добавить стрелу в рот, но такая картинка уже была (Frogling). Большое спасибо за забавный комментарий! ^_^
Fools are lucky! Only it was not Vanya, but Andrzejek, and, unfortunately, not arrows, but long-range missiles, but he really hit the secret spot of the Siberian, so he didn't get off with simple poses and was twisted like a ram's horn for his impudence. Somehow I didn't think to add an arrow in the mouth, but there was already such a picture anyway (Frogling). Thanks a lot for the funny comment! ^_^ Read more
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