Pretty Birds

"That's my spot, kid"

Anyway, maybe you remember my work where two oracles were playing chess: i was thinking and you know, imagined what it would be if it was a movie and they would need actors to actually play the roles of the oracles, so i thought i'd draw the boy who plays the Moon Oracle :3

He's so into the role that he wears the oracle's pants and some of the makeup from the "movie", except the wig (in the "movie" he has a long brown hair with two braids and also a major oracle hat X3).

So it's him bending for the joy of it and the rest of the story between him and the bird is up to you :3

It's curious, by the way, just how animals and birds have sorta reverse gender roles compared to us humans: male birds are very color rich, beautiful and attractive, while female birds are rather practical, grey and simplistic... I guess it's just yet another trait that differs us from animals, human gender roles are totally screw'd up XD

the boy is fabulous, the bird is hilarious Thank you! And I just realized one thing, this drawing was made in 2006, while the first video of Alina Ruppel doing the Ruppel Backbend was posted in 2009. Does it mean I actually drew the Ruppel Backbend 3 years before it was named the Ruppel Backbend 🤣
💌 What do you think?

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