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Police Brutality

Police-demon using force against a thief in the street.

"That criminal looked suspicious. The officer was just doing his job." The head of the Infernal Gendarmerie says.

This is just one of the cases of extreme police brutality in nowadays Inferia. Cadets spend several years in the Infernal Police Academy, learning the most indemonic interrogation methods and atrocious ways of dealing with their fellow demons who break the law, century after century effectively turning Inferia into a second Heaven, where as we all know, it's impossible to move a finger without making some guardian angels assume that you're going to commit a sin.

Is that the kind of world our great forefather Lucifer fought for? Or is Inferia falling a victim of angelic corruption? What about our basic rights to commit any sin we want? Is this hell or some fucking heaven? Where did go the Chaos we all know and love?!

With these thoughts we leave our readers today, hoping for the darker future for Inferia. Stay strong, brothers, sisters and transisters, and let no light blind us!

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