💤 Please Stand By...

Reconnecting with the Universe... looks like it only understands contortion input XD

What do you think? 😄
Aaah .. the life of an admin !!

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Wow hermoso, ese concepto le hubiera quedado también para akio transmitiendo... Read more
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That's a hell of a security lock. Not a fingerprint, now you not only have to know, but then be able to perform, the right contortion? So becoming more flexible arguably is a hacking skill?
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Geez I wanted to create similar themed image sometime in future to share but you are first as always X-)
There is real beauty of shapes and contrasts plus it is so realistic...
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a part of me is standing at attention 🥰 Read more
Lovely boy , beautifully posed 💕 Read more
Wow, so tight backbend! Read more
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