Pisces is one of the Zodiacs, the merboy who lives among the aquatic creatures in the shallow waters of the inland sea. His element is Water and his most flexible body part is the feet, or in his case, the tail. For us humans it's hard to judge but the mermaids say it's really amazing by their standards.

Like many aquatics he has soft joints and bones, so contortion wasn't something he needed to train for years. Having no problems with the flexibility itself, he prefers to focus on the environment, artistic designs and choreography for his contortion shows.

What do you think? 😄
He's absolutely lovely! One of my favorite images of yours. I do hope you'll draw some more merboys in the future, I imagine they're quite agile beings! Read more
Very glad you liked him so much!! Yeah, it would be great to see more merboys sometime! 😊 Read more
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