🤝 Pirate and Beggar

4. Beggar's Training

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Art and description by Agu-Fungus:

The next day, Kazoku was watching the news while walking by the juice stand in the public market, and then he saw the news about the pirates he encountered not long ago.

"I just watched the news in the market, Mick, and this is not good," said Kazoku, who was now sitting next to his new friend Mickey at a bench at the local park. "Remember the pirates that I told you about when you found me? It turns out that the other pirate ship they tried to attack was actually a ship of undercover marine cops on a mission to arrest those sea thugs. I could have actually been rescued by these guys, but instead..."

Kazoku was very upset and about to cry, knowing that he missed his chance to be in a better situation than he currently is right now, but then he looked at Mickey. The two have just met, and the beggar boy, despite not having a home, was trying his best to help the circus boy who just got in the same situation as himself. Kazoku tried to compose himself.

"Sorry, I did not want to offend you. I know that you also want get out of this way of living, and that despite that, you are always trying to help me, and I am thankful for that; but after everything that's happened until now, I don't know what to do anymore..."

Mickey, a bit upset, but understanding what his young pirate friend is feeling, puts his hands on his bare shoulder and tries to comfort him.

"Hey, I understand what you're feeling. I also want to be able to live a better life, and living on the streets is not a good condition for a kid to live in; but remember what I said yesterday: we may be without a home, but we can work together, and with the skills that you have, we should be able to make good out of a bad situation. We just need to work together, buddy," said Mickey as he grabbed Kazoku's hand with his own two.

Kazoku looked at Mickey's determined face, and he couldn't help but blush at him again as he did the day before.

"Thanks, Mick. I guess you're right. I could have been rescued from the pirate thugs instead of escaping from them, risking my life. But it seems that fate had other plans for me, and that's how I ended up meeting you instead. Maybe something better could come up at the end, but for now I have to keep going. Do you mind if I have some time alone? I need to meditate about everything that just happened. And don't worry, I still didn't forget about our contortion training."

"That's no problem, Kaz. Here, some rolls of bread for your breakfast that I bought with today's handouts. I'll be waiting for you at the concrete soccer field next to the park," answered Mickey.

One hour later the two boys encountered at the concrete field, ready for their first day of training, and before getting started, Kazoku tells something important to Mickey.

"Before we start our first day, I must warn you that training to become flexible is no easy task, especially for a beginner who hasn't stretched before. You will be trained to be able to surpass your own limits, to achieve poses that you never thought you could do before, and it will even bring some pain, especially to an untrained body. To achieve, it may take weeks, or even months for advanced poses, but as you can see me, it can pay off. You said we can do it if we work together, now it's time to put yourself to the test. Are you in?"

"Yes," responded Mickey, "I want to train to have a great skill like you. I want to become a professional like you. I want to perform with you."

The last sentence really got Kazoku to blush again. This is the third time Mickey got him to blush, as if Kazoku is starting to feel something for the boy.

"Then it's settled. Let's start with warming up our bodies before stretching. I hope you get ready." Said Kazoku.

The young boys started with their training, and Mickey really started feeling the hardships of training in his body, but did not want to stop. He was training next to the circus boy he admired before he lost his father and home, and he wanted to be as talented as his friend.

The days passed, and Mickey is starting to see good progress in his body. He was already able perform basic frontbends, but he had a way to go before he could also achieve the splits.

One night, the two boys were resting once again under the river bridge, about to fall asleep. Mickey was still awake, lying next to his now very close friend Kazoku.

"Hey Kaz," said Mickey. "I just wanted to thank you for all the days of training you gave to me, despite ending up in the same situation as I am. I am pretty sure that once we are able to perform together, we will be able sustain ourselves better and make ourselves a better life."

"You're welcome. I also want to thank you again for what you have done to support me. All these incidents that got me here in that past days have really got me down, but you were always there to keep my spirits up. For that I am really thankful, and training you is the best I can do to repay you. You know, I never knew how much I would enjoy having a training partner, and I really had a good time training with you," said Kazoku to Mickey.

"Thanks," responded Mickey with a smile on his face.

"I also want to tell you something," added Kazoku, "if I ever get my circus life back someday, I promise you, that I will take you in to live with me as my partner. After everything that you have done for me, from saving my life, to keeping my spirits up, you really deserve to live a better life, Mick."

Mickey was very moved by the promise that his pirate friend has made for him and instantly hugged him with his head against the latter's bare chest.

"Thank you, Kaz! Thank you!," said Mickey with tears of joy, knowing that not only he is being thanked for all his help, but also because he is being promised a better life from his dear friend. This really gave him more motivation to keep on training to become a contortionist like his friend.

The two boys started sleeping for the rest of the night, with Kazoku still wrapped around by his dear friend's arms.

"Good night, Mickey," said Kazoku before closing his eyes for the night.

Finally continuing the story of the young beggar and the circus boy, who finally started with their training for a better life. I hope you are enjoying this story, especially you, Yuni. Your characters are always the best! Alternate versions of this drawing available on Twitter, Instagram, and Pixiv. Enjoy, folks!

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