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12. Pirate's Pretzel

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Art and description by Agu-Fungus:

The boys continued to train in the public playground after their rehearsal in the concrete soccer field. And while Mickey (right) and Kazoku's (left) specialties are frontbends and backbends, respectively, they also train to also develop themselves in other areas of contortion. And in Kazoku's case, he is also training himself in his frontbends. Both Mickey and Kazoku are training their frontbends in the cement bleachers of the public playground, and while Mickey is already being good at his human knot with both feet below his armpits, he can't help but find Kazoku's pose with his legs pushed down to the middle of his back while meditating very eye catching. After Kazoku was done with his meditation pose, the beggar boy began to converse with his young instructor about his advanced pose.

"I already had understood that you're already a pro with backbends and handstands, but I never knew you were able to do this too! For how long have you been doing this?," asked Mickey.

"As I explained you before, just because you have a specialty in contortion doesn't mean your other flexibility areas should be neglected. This is something that I've been taught back at the circus, and I've been following this advice to heart to become the professional artist that I am. Right now, because backbending is my main focus, this is as far as I can go, and I've been practicing this pose so I won't lose it. However, it may be possible to even achieve a more advanced version of the pose, or so I've heard" responded Kazoku.

"Wait, so you're saying that there's the possibility to push your legs down your back even further?"

"With enough practice put into it, I believe this can be achievable, too. But right now, I'm currently focusing on pushing myself with my backbends. With how far I can currently go, I believe I can go even further, and my ultimate goal is to be able to achieve what is considered the holy grail of backbending, with my head and arms going through my thighs. One of these days I will be able to achieve this," said Kazoku, with inspiration showing in his face.

"Whoa! Is that even possible?," asked Mickey, amazed at what his circus friend explained to him.

"You'll never know until you try," answered Kazoku.

"You know, I've been currently training myself pushing my legs down my back to see how far I am able to go beyond my special human knot. But after seeing you perform your own pose, and hearing from you what your contortion goals are, I'm thinking about setting my own contortion goal as well. I want to be able to perform that pose that you were doing while meditating, and beyond it. My goal is to achieve the pose, but with both legs pushed down to the ground, and my back still straight. Just like you, I want to push myself past my limits!"

"This I have to see. I'm not going to lie, this sounds really insane to achieve."

"You said it yourself, you'll never know until you try," said Mickey, followed by a grin on his face. "Maybe you could go for it, as well."

"You know what, you may be right. How about we do this? We currently train on our contortion goals, without neglecting our other flexible poses, of course. And once we finally reach our goals, we start training on each other's other goal. You train on my backbend goal, and I train on your frontbend goal. How does that sound?," Kazoku proposed.

"That sounds like a good challenge. I'm in!," Mickey responded with confidence. "Who knows how long it might take to achieve our first goals, but I guess that's why we have each other. With what we have achieved ever since we started working together, we can achieve even more if we keep up that way."

"Good to know, Mickey. You know, I'm very glad that we had this conversation. Knowing how much more in common we have in our interest for contortion has given me the drive to keep going. Seeing how you're always willing to push yourself fills me with inspiration to continue as your instructor, and I hope I can reach the level of confidence that you have," said Kazoku, with an honest smile on his face.

"Thanks, Kaz. I'm glad we had this conversation, too," responded Mickey. "I think lunch time is coming. We still have money saved from yesterday's performance, don't we?"

"Yes, Mick. You said you know a food stand where they serve good sandwiches for cheap, right?"

"Of course, follow me, Kaz. You're gonna love it!," said Mickey, while grabbing Kazoku's hand to take him to the place to take their lunch break. Once again, Kazoku started to blush as the beggar boy took his hand while they left the public playground together.

And this is the other half of the couple of pieces that I recently finished of Yuni's flexible boys. I hope you have enjoyed the story, guys.

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