🤝 Pirate and Beggar

10. Post Performance

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Art and description by Agu-Fungus:

One more fanart of Yuni's two boys, because I couldn't get enough of them after my last two.🥰

I also decided to draw this as a way to properly show the body differences between Mickey (boy on left) and Kazoku (boy on right): Kazoku, being an experienced contortionist who loves to train every day, has a much more fit build than Mickey does; but ever since Mickey began his training under Kaz, he started to show good progress, in both skill and body, and if he keeps up that way, the two might eventually be on the same physical level as they grow up.😁

As for context, the two are getting ready for their break after their morning performance, and Kazoku was able to buy breakfast with the money they were able to save.

Also, Kazoku can't help but wonder how Mickey is able to keep a smiling face despite living in the same condition that he is currently living in, but also can't help but blush at the sight of said smile, as if it were giving him a warm feeling that even he cannot describe. Kazoku would be feeling very down because of the condition he is currently in, but with a supporting partner like Mickey, at least he is glad he is living with him.

What do you think? 😄
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