Pierrot WIP

Based on Pierrot who was the sad clown and sort of a passive and insecure scapegoat in the original Italian story he's from :3

The acrobatic pose and the shy attempt at smiling made him look overly self-confident here though, probably really out of the character ^_^;; He's normally supposed to be just a depressed "whipping boy", but maybe among all the suffering that life brings, contortion is something that can, of course, be painful but also makes his day brighter at the same time XD;;

A scan of Japanese washi paper was used for the pattern in the background.

Actually I gotta say it's A LOT of fun trying to imagine famous characters as having secret contortion talents, so it might even make a good series! I'm totally sure I'll keep them coming. So far I got Cammy, Link, Guybrush, Inuyasha and Mowgli ^_^

What do you think? 😄
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