🦪 Pearl of the Sea

In a small village on the coast of Greece lived a young orphan named Andremede. He was being raised by Fiona, a wise woman who recognized his natural talent for contortionism. She trained him well, and soon he became an exceptional performer, amazing the villagers with his flexibility and grace.

"Ah, Andremede! Your flexibility is truly enchanting! How can you still ask for more when your legs are already stretched like that!"

"Thank you, Fiona. I couldn't have done it without your guidance. It's all thanks to your training," he murmured, relishing in the feeling of his impossibly stretched muscles as if it was a comforting hug.

"Nonsense, my dear. You possess a natural talent that is nothing short of divine. All I did was nudge you in the right direction."

Of course, Fiona had a cunning nature, she was absolutely crazy about contortion! In her youth, she had even been a decent backbender herself. When she took in the young orphan, it wasn't at all an accident that she convinced him to practice contortion, hoping to teach him some basic splits and potentially more advanced techniques such as backbends and knots. But little did she know that she would end up getting a contortion legend under her wing!

Word of Andremede's amazing poses spread throughout the land, reaching even the depths of the ocean. The great god Poseidon heard of them and summoned the young man to his underwater kingdom.

🦪 🦪 🦪

Andremede was awestruck by the beauty of the sea deities and their many flexible creatures. On his way deeper into Poseidon's kingdom, he encountered a group of young mermen who seemed equally as skilled in contortionism as he was. They moved with grace and fluidity, twisting and turning their bodies 360° and more, which looked almost supernatural.

One young merman had the ability to stretch his muscled arms in ways that seemed anatomically impossible as he playfully reached out and touched the coral reefs that surrounded him. Another could bend his thin body in waves that made him look like seaweed, blending seamlessly into his underwater surroundings. Andremede had to look twice to notice him!

But it was the youngest of the group who truly took Andremede's breath away. The merboy's body was incredibly pliant, making it seem like he had no bones as he effortlessly navigated through even the most intricate rock formations and tunnels, never getting stuck in the most impossible passages.

Awestruck, Andremede observed the merboys' incredible contortionist skills as he navigated through the water. Each one he met displayed exceptional talents, leaving him in awe. Realizing the importance of his task, he vowed to give his utmost effort not to disappoint Poseidon!

🦪 🦪 🦪

After a long journey through the ocean, Andremede finally arrived at the court of Poseidon. The court boys there were incredibly cute and helped him to change into a dazzling white leotard that sparkled like a pearl.

"Thanks, guys! You're so helpful," Andremede said as he adjusted the high-cut leotard. This outfit was just perfect for what he was about to do.

"We're happy to help," one of the page boys smiled and blushed. "You have a lovely body," he added.

The other page boy stroked Andremede's bare shoulder. "We can tell you've been well trained. Your muscles are so defined."

"I try to keep in shape for contortion," Andremede grinned. "Wow, I can't believe I'm finally here at Poseidon's court! I can't wait to show off my skills in front of Poseidon and others!"

As he rolled his hips, the sensation of his bare butt and open legs was magical, as if the leotard was boosting his flexibility! As soon as he was ready, Andremede began his performance with feline grace, showcasing a series of impressive poses that had everyone captivated.

🦪 🦪 🦪

His act was accompanied by music that sounded unusual to his ears, but it was surprisingly easy to synchronize his contortion moves with it. The music's smoothness and relaxing rhythm made it seem like everything he could think of doing matched it perfectly. This inspired him to attempt even more extreme and impressive feats that he wouldn't dare to fit into a more intense rhythm.

Among the moves he performed was an oversplit with a backbend and twist that left even Poseidon himself speechless. So impressed was Poseidon that he rose from his throne to greet Andremede personally. "That pose is truly well done," exclaimed Poseidon. "I've been around for so long but I've never seen anything like it. And I've always believed I had seen every pose done!"

From the chuckles around the court, Andremede could instantly sense the joke was as ancient as the god himself, but he was ecstatic about the compliment nevertheless. As a result of his exceptional performance, he was invited to perform regularly at underwater celebrations, where he would captivate the gods and revel in the company of other court boys as he pleased.

🦪 🦪 🦪

When he returned to his village, the villagers were amazed by his newfound fame and celebrated him as a hero. Andremede was happy to be back among his loved ones and perform to familiar tunes, but he knew that his journey with the sea gods had changed him forever. Nonetheless, he continued to perform and inspire others with his abilities, becoming known as the boy whose poses amazed even Poseidon himself!

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What do you think? 😄
I think you're starting to nail down really well how to replicate your art style, or maybe more like, your art "vibe" with AI. Some of your previous works' texture felt a bit generic, to be honest, but I'm glad you pushed through this! It looks fantastic now!

Though don't feel like we'll stop loving your works if you try something different - you've already given us much more than we deserve, and every new piece you create is a wonderful gift to everyone!

I'm glad you exist! Read more
Thank you so much! I guess the previous works felt so beaten because I was using public AI models from Civitai.com, which many people use, but now that I got the hardware to train the AI myself, I'm focusing on my own models, so it helps to create much more (y)unique works... I mean, there are all those tutorials on Youtube like "use your face in AI images", so I took the same approach but used my old drawings of Andrzej instead of my face lol.

I think you certainly deserved the "gift" as I don't think an artist can grow much without an audience. I can't think of any artists who have made fantastic things without sharing them... Well, maybe because they've never shared them... Makes sense... XD But I mean, looking at how I play Minecraft for example - I usually play alone and so don't build much, but if I were playing on YouTube or Twitch, I'd be probably building huge castles and stuff to impress my 3 viewers XD But if I'm the only one who's gonna see it then what's the point? So I don't think I could create some of my best works without an audience. I could probably still play with contortion ideas just for myself alone but don't think it would be more than some random unfinished junk.

So, thank you again for your support and encouragement! :3 Read more
Beautiful work. This is again based on DAZ models, right? I don't see many AI influences. Very nicely done indeed! Read more
I'm very glad you enjoyed the picture! :D

To be honest I've never tried to use any of those preset Daz3D models, I've never liked any of the "Characters" in Daz Store, so my first 3D project that took me over 3 months of watching Youtube tutorials and trying things out, was to make my very own 3D model. Well, it's technically a morph of Genesis 8 for the reasons of compatibility but it's still sculpted by me in Blender, it's not some preset from Daz Store.

And now I've also finally learned how to train my own AI models using my own art, so in fact my recent pics of Andrzej were experiments with the model that I created based on my own drawings of him :3 Read more
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Very glad you liked!! :D Read more
That Should Read ' Drop ' Dead Gorgeous !! Read more
Kinky stories and a hot boys are the best Read more
The only complaint I have is exactly what I've been complimenting - you're holding back a little and it's frustratingly awesome. I always compliment your faces and this is no exception... except I can't stop looking at that chest or those legs. Good lord.

The story was a brilliant little bit of lore. It's that blend of sexy and sweet you do so well. It's almost a cliffhanger just because I need to know what the next story is. It's like a really good anthology.
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