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Page Girl

Martin, a young photographer (and a model) is sitting in front of a large mirror in his pajamas, combing his long curly hair. Erika (his girlfriend and muse) jumps into the living room, wearing only a loose red shirt, completely naked from the waist down.

ERIKA (laughing): Holy Moly, being prince Martin's page girl is such a challenge, I'm still sweating for reals!

MARTIN (studying her through his mirror, raising brows a few times at the sight): You dreamed of me this time?

ERIKA (huggling him from behind): You are kidding! You're, like, the prince of my dreamland!! Whenever I'm a girl in my dreams, I'm usually with either you or with Collie.

MARTIN: Who's Collie?

ERIKA: My childhood's crush, she was a shepherd in my village where I grew up and she's also a shepherd in my dreams but for some reason wears a dog's collar on her waist and it's thiiiis small... (makes a circle with her thumbs and middle fingers)

MARTIN: Wow. Is she a honey bee?

ERIKA (laughs): She is... But it looks sexy on her.

MARTIN (getting his hands under Erika's shirt and trying to squeeze her waist between his thumbs and middle fingers): Ohhh...

ERIKA (chuckles): What are you doing?

MARTIN: Hmm, hmm... I got a brilliant idea for a photo set if you can model for a bit?

ERIKA: Umm, I was going to have a breakfast but then I can pose for you, why not!

MARTIN: Better the other way round, I think my idea will work best on an empty stomach...

ERIKA: Oh you mean... You have a dog's collar or what?

MARTIN: No, just wait a minute... I wonder where I put it... (goes somewhere)

(A couple of minutes pass. Lalala...)

MARTIN (returns): Here it is! You know how to put it on, right?

ERIKA (takes the black velvety corset from him): Umm, I might... I think... I'll try to figure it out...

MARTIN: Okay, I'll be back, I forgot the camera... I'll get back and help you! (goes away again)

ERIKA (alone): Oh dear, I feel I'm gonna be in Collie's... "shoes" soon! And I'm not even kidding, I mean horsets have laces too, right? (trying to think how to wrap the thing around her waist)

(A couple more minutes pass. Yaawwn.)

MARTIN (returns): I'm back! Oh noes, it's the other way round! The laces will be on your back. (helps her to redo the corset)

(Some good five minutes pass.)

MARTIN (tugging laces for the last time): Unbelievable but... it's fully closed!

ERIKA: Yeah! I've never been hugged so tight in my life!

MARTIN: Incredible, right? Come look into the mirror too! But try not to faint...

ERIKA (looks): Oh wooow! I'm an hourglass!! I could eat sand now and watch how it flows through me... Or at least a sandwich I wouldn't mind.

MARTIN (giggling): Not sure a whole sandwich would pass through...

ERIKA: But it can pass through my neck and my waist is still thicker than my neck so... I don't see why not!

MARTIN: Mmm, indeed... I don't know... Hey, let's move to the terrace, the lighting should be better there!

ERIKA: You're the master, so guide me through this... new masterpiece of yours! (winks)

(A hundred shots later.)

ERIKA: Gosh, NOW I'm hungry!

MARTIN: Yeah, me too! Let's inspect the kitchen, lemme just help to take it off for you...

ERIKA: Oh, can I keep it? It's oddly comfortable...

MARTIN: Sure! If you like it, it's yours now! You can wear it every day if you want.

ERIKA: Oh, okay! Thanks, Marty! (huggles)

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