🏹 Ordo Arcus

Part 2

Ordo Arcus is an obscure magical cult training its adepts to transcend all bodily limitations...

"And now, my dear Helmut, let's work on your oversplits some more..."

"But Master, sheer curiosity but when will you start teaching us some actual magic?"

"360 degree oversplit is not magical enough for you???"

"Y- Yeah... but since all we do is stretching and all the books in our library are about stretching techniques and legendary contortionists... then what makes us different from that circus in the opposite corner of the city?"

"Many things!.. First and foremost, we always mutter magical spells as we stretch... Second, we act overall mysterious and dress waaaay sexier than those buffoons... Third, we write down our training schedules and all kinds of fancy contortion ideas on magical scrolls that makes it way more intriguing! Fourth, we use all kinds of alchemical potions like the one that adds a special shine to the skin to make it look truly magical..."

"Master, I think it's called baby oil..."

"Oh, shut up... You just want to run off to that circus, don't you?"

"No no, I like it better here. Just when entering this magic school, I thought we're about to learn stuff like invisibility and fireballs..."

"Invisibility? It's a serious crime to make that sexy butt of yours invisible! Fireballs? Just stretch those sexy legs of yours and you'll put all the balls in the world on fire!"

"Hehe, you're right! Thanks Master, I apologize for questioning your ways! I'll go back to stretching my bendy ass...er, I mean, practicing my arcane magic!!"

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No, no, no, it's not magic!Ahahahaha Read more
You're right actually, the true magic starts only when his feet touch above his head 😜 Read more
They are some enchanting oversplits, they have me mesmerize 🥴😍
"You don't need no staff, you got enough wood between your legs" 😜 Read more
This snake boy is going to charm the snake charmer 😝 Read more
Hilarious! You really made my day! That's a marketing-lesson at it's best! Thank you! Read more
So glad you enjoyed it!! Speaking of marketing, I should try to sell this illustration to the Dungeons & Dragons, I'm sure by the year 2201 in the 69th edition they will be ready to use it XD Read more
Awesome! Now Helmut is my favorite magic boi (sorry, Stefano). Read more
Poor Stefano, do you think there's anything he can do to catch up XD Read more
Helmet and Stefano are Both Delicious 💕 Read more
A little bit of rivalry should help them both improve nonstop 😘 Read more
I miss Stefano... XD Read more
Time to see what he's up to then XP Read more
Just missing a pantyhose Read more
I really like this good imagination on making this awsome light magic there I really dig the outfit hmm do people say dig anymore as being kewl oh boy that show some age anyway good kewl job on both art pieces. Read more
Thank you so much! For some reason just 'membered some scene in "Back to the future" where they go to the future and some girls in the street are wearing leotards, I think if they went a century further Marty would have to buy a high cut one with a tight belt just to blend in with the crowd. And they could do friendly slaps on the butt instead of handshakes in the future after covid-99 🤣 Read more
Your artistic work is the greatest thing going on the entire global internet! I look forward to EVERY creation. Read more
Thank you so much, it's great to know that you enjoy my works so much and it sure gives me a lot of positive energy to work on new pictures! 🥰 Read more
As much as I like image the story is more funny to me this time, best parts are about baby oil and balls on fire hehe :-D of course without beautiful image one would not have idea how funny words in fact are!
Shifty Read more
Thanks! Seems like a fun place they got there :D Read more
Yeah I can picture a cult ritual in which the most important part is our boy being twisted in all unthinkable ways… Read more
Yup, maybe summon Cthulhu if they can make his limbs flexible like tentacles 🤣 Read more
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