🧿 One Thousand and One Degrees

Once upon a time, o great caliph, in the magnificent city of Mahbend, there lived a wondrous creature named Zayn, blessed with the beauty of a black rose and the grace of a swallow. He was known far and wide as the most enchanting femboy in all the land, and his every move captivated the hearts of young and old alike.

Zayn possessed a gift for dance unlike any other. He had been raised by his grandmother, who taught him the ancient art of belly dancing, imbuing within him the spirit of the desert and the grace of the serpent.

One day, the great sultan himself issued a challenge throughout the land, calling forth performers from near and far to compete in a contest of dance. The winner would be granted a prize beyond imagination – wealth, power, and immortality in the tales of the people. Zayn knew that he must take up this challenge, not just for himself but as an honor to his grandmother who had trained him for so many years, and the generations that came before him to devise the numerous techniques to achieve the ingredible.

🧿 🧿 🧿

As the sun set over the shimmering desert sands, Zayn prepared himself to take to the stage and perform the Dance of the Twisting Serpent, a dazzling display of fluid movements that had been passed down through generations of dancers. With his dark eyes gleaming and his topless body dripping with jewels, he felt the eyes of the sultan upon him.

Zayn bowed low, his hands pressed together in respect, and spoke in a voice like honey and velvet: "O great and wise sultan, I am Zayn, humble servant of the dance. I have come to offer my talents to you."

The sultan was taken by Zayn's charisma and beauty, and so he allowed the boy to perform that very night. As the music began, Zayn moved with a fluidity that seemed almost otherworldly, drawing the eyes of all who watched him.

Dressed in a sparkling skirt that accentuated his torso that was long and slim, Zayn swayed his hips in sync with the enchanting rhythm of the music. With each move, he effortlessly melded into the beat, creating a visually stunning spectacle that left the audience spellbound.

His lithe, toned torso moved like a serpent, hypnotizing all who watched. However, there was one move that truly set Zayn apart from any other flexible dancer in the city. At the climax of his performance, two shimmering poles would appear on either side of him, a challenge waiting to be claimed. Without hesitation, Zayn would wrap his strong hands around the poles and begin his ultimate trick.

🧿 🧿 🧿

Zayn's feet began tapping against the earth in circles, his lower body spinning in perfect harmony with the haunts of the music, but it was his upper body that truly stole the show. With fluidity and grace rivaling that of a dervish whirling through the night, Zayn twisted his torso effortlessly, his shoulders steady as mountains, while his hips turned further and further around, swaying in perfect motion.

Zayn's awe-inspiring twist left the audience mesmerized, their eyes glued to the dancing contortionist. Each breathtaking twist to one side was meticulously matched with another, equally hypnotic twist in the opposite direction; as his performance unfolded, the range of these incredible moves only grew, leaving even the sultan himself speechless with disbelief.

As Zayn captivated the crowd with his fluid movements and increasingly dynamic twists, some clever spectators couldn't help but place bets on just how far this boy could push himself. In response to this growing excitement, merchants eager to make a profit saw an opportunity to offer the young man extra money if he could take his twist a step further, literally speaking.

🧿 🧿 🧿

As Zayn spun, the colors of the stage began to swirl and blend, and he felt his heart race with excitement and determination. He knew that the challenge would not let him rest until he reached his absolute limit. With each revolution, he pushed himself harder, biting his lower lip in concentration.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity for him, Zayn completed a full circle with his feet, followed by a 360° twist of his torso. The crowd held their collective breath as he held there for a while, his chest heaving. Though they knew he must be exhausted, they couldn't help but marvel at the jaw-dropping peak of his performance... But the challenge continued, refusing to come to an end!

As Zayn regained his hip movement after a momentary break, his determination to raise the roof was palpable as he continued to twist and turned his hips. Ignoring the gasps of the old ladies, he spun and swayed, getting dizzier and dizzier, but he refused to let up. With each twist and turn, he added more and more force, pushing himself further and farther until he had achieved an astounding total of 540⁰ torso twist!

🧿 🧿 🧿

Glistening with genuine sweat as if the twisting squeezed all the water from his body, Zayn refused to let up, continuing to move those lithe hips for several more minutes, as if getting used to the impossible rotation not heard of even in fairytales! His chest heaved with each labored breath, sweat poured down his brow, but still he did not relent.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Zayn's chest heaved one final time, and he released his grip on the poles. His torso uncoiled gracefully, showcasing the mastery he held over his physical form.

The crowd erupted into thunderous applause, their eyes fixed on Zayn as he continued to dance with an almost reckless abandon, oblivious to the dizziness and disorientation that threatened to bring him to his knees.

Yet, Zayn was not simply dancing for the glory of the moment. Beneath his dark eyes, there was something more – a burning desire to draw attention to his slim waist that near transformed his torso into an hourglass, his reddened waist still holding the memory of the 540⁰ twist within it.

🧿 🧿 🧿

The sultan was utterly spellbound by Zayn's act. In awe of the boy's talents, he offered him a great gift – a dancing hall nestled within the grand palace, along with a group of alluring concubines to attend to his every whim and desire, as well as hope for training under him in the art of twisting and dancing.

From that day forward, Zayn became known as Mahbend's greatest dancer, and soon enough, he created a new style of dance that he called "Twist" that swept across the land, becoming a favorite among teenagers, who flocked to learn from Zayn.

The key to the dance's success lay in its simplicity: all that was required was to keep the torso twisted at least 180⁰ around. However, the young dancers proved to be incredibly inventive, mixing Twist with other elements to create their own unique styles. The dance swept across the land like a wildfire, igniting the creativity and energy of an entire generation.

Only the luckiest few managed to take their twists all the way to 360⁰, earning them the title of elite among the twisters. Yet, Zayn's legendary 540⁰ twist remained an unmatched masterpiece for many years to come.

And thus, the tale of Zayn, the boy dancer who captivated the heart of a sultan, comes to a close, leaving behind a legacy of grace and wonder, destined to be retold for generations to come. Let the whirlwinds remember the shape of his body like a mirage on the horizon of memory, shimmering with the promise of beauty and magic untold.

The bend.

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Woah what a body... !!! Once again pure gift. Like living sweet chocolate flesh, ready to be stroked and tasted. Iam in envy of his delightful curves and shapes. Plus lights are so soft and jewels on hands sparkly X-)
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It's a very beautiful work, and I'm not primarily talking about the body or the erotic component, but the whole composition as a whole, and the face in particular. Also his jewelry looks very interesting, but his face still catches my attention the most, great job Read more
One, you killed me with the description of him twisting himself. I thought he was going to twist from the top. What you describe is hypnotic, even to read. Seriously. I want you to know how well you wrote this. It's equal parts the way old sports writers could put you in a pitchers shoes through every single detail in every nanosecond of a perfect pitch, and the kind of truly beautiful erotica you're aaster at. It's a weird comparison, but it's the best way I can put it. And then the picture to accompany it is equally amazing. It's equal parts ridiculous and believable. I love them both.
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