Nate and Danny

Nate and Danny again... Contortion is contagious! 🤧

What do you think? 😄
I love the combination of muscularity and flexibility as Danny is showing. And Nathaniel is amazing as always. Tremendous work. :) Read more
the sultry look and smile just draws the eyes and hard to look away at the rest of the ugly mundane world. Read more
This one is unusual, but I really do like it. Read more
It really is contagious! I’m inspired to get into it myself😅🙌🏻 As always I love to see how they exercise and the looks on their face, you’re really good at capturing so called Kodak-moments making look like it’s a quick shot. Difficult moment to catch but you do it so well🥰 Read more
Great to see new bendy pieces fro you, my friend.😁 Read more
SO Adorable ! Read more
I'm in love with Dany, so buff and so flexible..

- Daria Read more
So he can flex while being flexible 😝 Read more
- Can you imagine that?? So sexy, a double front bicep from Dany <3

- Daria Read more
😘 Read more
Read more
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