Muse on the Loose 💡

Who'd refuse
This heavenly Muse
Joints so loose
Very confusing
At the same time amusing
Pleasing views
Pictures, interviews
Always on the news
Why do you choose
Wearing no shoes
Dressing like hoes men use
Born to seduce
Bendin' yer body without excuse
Like you had some booze
What's on the menu
So just continue
I'm oozing mornin' dews
Eyeing those postures of yours
Like perfect statues
Holy Zeus
Some would accuse
It's like self-abuse
But you ain't got no bruises
Unlike them losers
With spines like spruce
The stiff can't be choosers
Though my stiffy's juicy
Truth is
You lit my fuse
You're Muse on the loose!

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