Mountain of the Snails 🐌

Part 1

Yasha just arrived to China on the Trans-Siberian Express and the first he saw was some young Chinese boy. This local is quite a cutie, Yasha noticed, it would make the day brighter to have a small talk with him.

"Hello there, young man! I'm sorry, perhaps you know where my grandfather Yan Feng Gu is? He is the famous Soft Bone Wushu Master living in this village and he was supposed to meet me at this train station at this exact spot!"

"Tsk! Yasha, Yasha! You have quite a bad memory for your age!"

"I'm afraid I don't-"

"Tis me, your grandfather! Remember, when you were a young child, I told you many stories from my life and my magical curse. Remember, each time I turn-"

"You are... waaaait what?"

"...a hundred years old, I revert back into a fifteen years old boy. This curse has been following-"

"No way! Is this a prank? Are you filming this?"

" for a few centuries now."

"Come on, gramps! Very funny! Come out! Are you behind the corner? I can hear your giggle!!"

"Quite stubborn as usual! Perhaps this will allow you to focus better," the Chinese boy stood on one foot and raised the other high in the air, then he twisted his body in such incredible way that would take the very best of us daily contortion training since babyhood to do something like that!

Yasha stood there stunned. "A- Alright, that was... Whoa! Listen, fella, I don't care anymore if this is a prank! This pose is really great! Will you teach me how to do it??"

I love the idea that he can use all four limbs equally. Could he create calligraphy and write with his feet? I mean, that's not what I would ask him to do with his feet (trying not to go there in this post), but that would be so awesome. Just alternate between limbs on a whim. He can easily pick up a cup of tea and drink from it, all without using his hands. In his old man form it used to look funny and he always did it for cheap laughs. Unfortunately, he fails to make it look funny in this teenager form. The easeness and slowness of his movements makes it look not amusing but arousing 🥵
Wish I could get cursed like this ;-) Well the curse didn't grow on trees, he worked hard as an exorcist monk and had to be brave to get into various haunted houses, etc 😉
As a Chinese netizen, it is so good to see so many Chinese style works created by you.
Keep going, we are supporting you!
Thank you! I can't speak Chinese well, but I am glad you like my work!
this is grandpa ) Who knows 🤣
Yuni!!!! 啊~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~你是最棒的!!!
Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You are the best!!!
No, you!
An interesting new character he is, and I bet this is his trademark pose since you also drew him in this pose in that other pic. And beautiful feet you gave to the boy, always so clean.🥰 I bet also that he's also a barefooter, because that would also add to his flexible beauty!❤ Yup, I drew the other pic first and then evolved it into this one, but I think the pose looks good on him. Well if all their streets are as clean as this one, there's no problem being a barefooter 😄
I love this work. Your art is amazing. I'm very happy that you like it so much! 😊
Yasha and Yan Feng Gu, you make me problems. I cannot decide who of you I love more.
Oh, dammit, I love you both!

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