🍹 Morning Juice

"Good morning, sir! How may we stretch you today?"
"Think I'll have one straddle oversplit with one tight backfold. You got them?"
"Yes, of course. Would you like your oversplit served first?"
"No, I'd like them both at once, if possible."
"Oh! In this case we got just the right spot. This way, please..."
"Wow, this bar stool looks impressive, I need to get something like this for my kitchen!"
"Here, please get your lower ribs onto the seat and spread your legs to the sides. Now let me gently bend your hipbone against your lower back... Oh! If I may, sir, your spine is remarkably foldable!"
"Thanks, mom says I was born folded! But just you wait for my oversplit!"
"Speaking of which, mind if I put this around your shins. Perfect! Now, here goes your oversplit. Oh! Your legs are as delightfully pliant as your back!"
"Yeah, haha! Had a really nice BDSM last night. My hamstrings feel like cooked noodles..."
"Oh! In this case, how hot would you like your oversplits, sir? About 270°, I presume?"
"Make it 300°!"
"And... here we go! How does it feel?"
"Very good, thank you!"
"I have to admit, sir, you're one of our most impressive clients. Our cafe would like to offer you a discount in exchange for a couple of pictures to decorate our wall, if you're interested."
"Wow, really? But then you'll have to tighten me up more, I don't want my friends to come here, see those pictures and say it's nothing special and I could do better!"
"Oh, certainly sir! Let me just bring the camera and tighten everything up!"

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What do you think? 😄
Increible... pensaba que era un frontbend y un twist... pero resulta que es que un backbend con oversplit.... sus genitales le hacen efecto de la joroba de un camello jejeje
Incredible... I thought it was a frontbend and a twist... but it turns out that it is that a backbend with oversplit... his genitals make him the effect of a camel's hump hehehe Read more
Sí, creo que es una pose difícil de entender a primera vista porque es muy extrema! Recuerda algunas posturas de yoga, cuando incluso un ojo experimentado no puede entenderlas... 😂
Yeah, I think it's a difficult pose to understand at first glance because it's so extreme! Reminds of some yoga postures, when even an experienced eye cannot understand them... Read more
story and picture both awesome 😍 Read more
Thank you so much, very glad you enjoyed! 😊 Read more
mom says I was born folded 🤣 Read more
Is that a book? Is that a Galaxy Fold?
No! It's baby Helmut! Read more
Hmm juicy😋 would love to work there to see all the bendy customers 😉

Love how the barstool pulls his legs so far you could mistake the stool for having 3 legs 😄

A bit hard to tell but looks like Yasha is in the corner having a cocoknot 😜 Read more
Nah, it's Harbert knotting and a wasped Helen, so we get the triple HHH here 😝 Very glad you like and would also love to see more customers haha Read more
Helmut grows to be a favorite character. His dreamy eyes boost the attractiveness and I love his fashion style.
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Thank you so much! I'm very glad you're enjoying his pictures! ^^ Read more
I love everything about this! Thank you so much for this delightful treat! Helmut is my hero~
--Alldenspa Read more
I'm very happy that you like our new hero! 😁 Read more
I love that barstool design! I also spy a very cinched waist in the background, I hope we get to see this cafe from another angle! Read more
Thanks, that barstool is specially made for this pose with the backfolded split but I think only Helmut has the potential to take his feet all the way to the floor!

Yup there's a wasped waitress in the background. Good idea to show that part, will need to not forget to do that later :D Read more
A-Ma-Zing! And look at the background, also very promising... <3 Read more
Thank you so much! This needed to be a panoramic view, I'm sure there's way more to see around 😄 Read more
There is so much going on in story and on scene itself. Love all little datails in background, reflections etc.
But of course most interesting is bendy himself. His joints are beyond rubber, they just rotate at will no bending needed!
Can't figure out on what exactly is upper mid part of bar stool? Maybe to pick up excesive white fluids in other positions? :-)
Hoodie is very stylish too.

And the background Helen and Harbert is teaser of teasers... ohmm her waist!!!

Only downer is, average person from 21 century could not visit such great bar even if it opened yesterday (insert cry emoticon here).
Thanks for great image once more.
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Thank you so much! I think the best way to look at the pose is to look at the way the legs are stretched in Go! Bend! Win! or Le Rat de Bibliothèque and then take that exact position of the hips and legs and just bend the torso backwards around it.

The bar stool is mostly regular, I just took a picture from google and modelled it but added the middle part that has an engine for pulling the legs with the cords. Normally I think most clients do a slight oversplit but Helmut looks like he's almost about to touch the floor with his feet!

Also I always loved hoodies on teen boys who also showcase their hairless legs, lol. Also yeah, I wouldn't mind a closer look at Helen in that wasped leotard... A wasped leotard by itself seems like an interesting idea 😏 Read more
Helmut looks great here, but I'm also looking forward to some other views of the café. The combo of the leotard and the waist on Helen looks perfect. I also love how casual Harbert is, just curled up in a stool, more comfortable than sitting upright. I wonder what he will order next... Read more
Thanks for explanation! Was obviously bit confused, but now I think understand what pose is Helmut really doing and am amazed even more.

Your boys are the best! With or without clothes and even with furr :-) but yeah some "golden" middle are superb lads as Yasha or Harbert, Helmut.

Can't help it Helen is one of my more favorite characters. Hoodies are very fine in casual situations! They are adding that "cheeky" atmosphere we all love. But for special ones Helen's "leather / leather :p" taste is just perfect.
Wasped leotard is again one of your wonderful ideas.

Was thinking how visually improve wasped body by clothes/special skin and came up with idea of "red shoulder stripes (like wings)" continuing down on back side of the body and silver waist around whole body.
And both colors merging at sides of waist. And other parts of suit remain as they are on Helen here. Downer is my description is super vague at best. But after seeing "blue snake" and your mastery with colors I decided to tell it anyway. It is not request in slightest, just idea i thought was better said than forgotten.
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Looking at this picture now makes me think it's funny if in 2201 their whole world is hooked on the fashion for extreme body fetishes, like there's almost nobody, specially among teens, who doesn't have extreme abilities. With nanobots it's way easier, more accessible to start and then go even further, at some point learn something that even with nanobots is quite far out. So just like in the 80s many people who tried to look modern were doing all those crazy hairstyles... same way in 2201 sitting in a split or with legs behind head or wearing a tight belt, it just looks fashionable and trendy.

Yeah, I hate to say I didn't get your description at all but I can vaguely imagine you're talking about having the same wasped leotard Helen has here but adding some colored stripes to it. But I think the best wasped leotard is black, since black can make the figure look even thinner. But it's true that some color stripes can make the figure look even thinner than it actually is.... I remember seeing some leotards like that, from afar almost looks like the person has an hourglass waist just because of the pattern. Read more
I think this has now become my favourite pose. Read more
who is standing in the background? Read more
Harbert sitting in the chair with legs behind his head and Helen taking his order while wearing an extreme tight leotard. Read more
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