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Mirror World

This is a mirror world of our reality ^.^ In this world, the gender roles are sort of swapped.

Women regard the male human body to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as erotic. Research showed that the male torso and buttocks are often the first thing women look at, and for a longer time than other body parts. For this reason men are obliged to hide their torsos in public, while women can be sometimes seen topless, for example on the beach.

Many women regard bare male torso to be erotic, and it can elicit heightened sexual desires in women in many cultures. Women set high standards for the male body, the ideal man is sought to be slender, beautiful and fit. Before the 20th century, this ideal was even more strict, requiring males to strive for the waist size of 15 inches (38 cm) and smaller by wearing very tight corsets. Since the beginning of the 20th century this fashion has been fading out, getting replaced by more athletic ideals, but thin boys are still very popular among women.

Women are perverted demons who collect huge amounts of porn magazines, pictures and videos of teenagers and young adults, often shamelessly displaying the bare chest, such as in this illustration.

Most women wear a short haircut because long hair is seen as very boyish. Women who dare to wear a long hair often get beaten in the street by short-haired female gangs (the same gangs that rape lonely boys walking back home after late night parties). The same goes for makeup which is seen as extremely boyish and is an absolute no-no for a straight woman. Boys, on the other hand, often say that they feel "naked" if they leave home without their makeup. They wear makeup even at school which often makes female teachers go crazy.

Women themselves don't seek to be beautiful, they're almost always overweight, have saggy breasts, hairy armpits and smell not-so-good, since taking good care of one's body is often seen as a lesbian trait by other women who are also not so good looking. So all women support each other in that ugly fashion.

Surprisingly, research showed that the majority of females in the U.S. are latent lesbians and have a secret love for boobs. It's not unusual for a Western woman to have a secret stash of lesbian porn, while always trying to convince others of herself being straight, even when not asked. Unable to find a guy who'd match her ideal, she often starts a secret romance with another aging woman next door.

Although many people don't like it, it is considered polite to use the phrase "young woman" to refer to a female person under the age of 50, e.g. (old screechy voice) "Young woman, mind moving your bags a little?" On the contrary, a male person of almost any age can be referred to simply as "boy", e.g. (arrogant female voice) "Good morning, boy. Can I have a ticket to London?"

For boys to be gay is not only seen as normal, but is encouraged. Boys often flirt with each other in public places and make out in front of the camera in advertisements and music clips (it's normal to see a clip where a tough-looking female singer is surrounded by a whole harem of beautiful boys). At the same time, publicly kissing women put themselves at risk of being thrown to jail or at least have serious problems in their personal lives.

Women are hard workers and spend a lot of time in offices, factories and so on. They are seen as good scientists, politicians and engineers. Of course, "seen" by themselves, since men have no say in such questions. Men are born to simply decorate the life of women, domestic males called "hubbies" usually play the role of sex pets and also cook food and keep homes clean. Of course, those women who don't want to burden themselves having to live with the same hubby-pet every day, can choose from a wide variety of men available for hire.

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