🐈 Max the Rubber Cat

Once upon a time, there was a young contortionist boy named Max. He was fascinated by cats and their ability to curl up into tight balls. Every day after school, he would practice bending his body into different shapes until he could fold himself into a compact ball just like a cat.

Max dreamed of seeing what it was like to be a cat. He wanted to leap around like a feline and pounce on toys like they did in the videos he watched online. So, one day after practice, Max tried to make his body as tiny as possible so that he could squeeze himself into small spaces and try out cat things.

At first, it was hard for Max to bend his spine and twist his limbs without hurting himself. But after months of practicing, he finally managed to curl up into a neat little ball like a cat would do. He jumped off the bed and started exploring the room like a miniature version of himself.

Max tried out all sorts of cat things – climbing trees, chasing bugs, and even playing with his own tail. It was so much fun that he forgot about being hungry or tired until nightfall when he finally collapsed into his bed exhausted from all the adventures.

From that day on, Max would curl up into a tiny ball every chance he got to see what it was like to be a cat. He even taught his pet cat some tricks and they would play together for hours. Max's parents were amazed at how quickly their son had become so skilled in contortionism and enjoyed watching him practice every day.

As Max grew older, he became one of the most sought-after contortionists in the world. He traveled to different countries performing amazing feats that left audiences in awe. But no matter how famous he got, Max always remembered his dream of being a cat and would spend hours practicing his unique skills.

What do you think? 😄
So lifelike and yet dreamy imaginative! And as always colors are so complex.
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Thank you so much! Maybe in another couple of years those pics will get so realistic it will be impossible to tell from real photos, other than poses being humanly impossible :D Read more
I'm very curious about how he plays with his tail! Wish there was a picture that showed such a wonderful picture! Read more
I'm picturing a Siegfried and Roy mashup with Aleksi, and his act is out-contorting the big cats while also performing magic. Like a never-ending scarf from his bellybutton, or he stands up and a thousand foam balls fall out of the crook of his back...

Thanks for lifting my mood considerably, Yuni. I'm really grateful to you.
-tbj Read more
Your arts is a motivation for my contortion hobby Read more
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