🗿 Marble Snake

I was working on a new pic of Yasha doing an octafold, when suddenly thought what if one leg was stretched in a completely opposite direction, would it make a 500 degree oversplit or something :D

Well, here's the final result of those thoughts... Octasplit?? XD

For the story – I thought about Yasha loving marble sculptures and ancient Greek mythology, so this is what I came up with... :3

🗿 🗿 🗿

Once upon a time, in the ancient Greek city of Stiffis, there lived a young man named Jason who possessed a unique gift – flexibility. Jason's body was incredibly elastic, and he could bend and contort himself into all sorts of strange shapes and positions.

But little did anyone know, Jason's flexibility was not a natural talent, but rather a curse that had been placed upon him by a sorceress when he was just a little boy. On a careless mischief-making spree around the sorceress's home, young Jason had accidentally angered her, and she had exacted her revenge by cursing him with the body of a half-man, half-snake.

Banished from his city for his strange body, Jason was taken in and raised by a wise hermit, who saw the potential in the young man's curse and set out to train him to use it to his advantage. The hermit taught Jason how to perform incredible feats of flexibility, such as wrapping his body around his limbs and stretching his joints to impossible angles.

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As he grew older, Jason returned to Stiffis, and his legendary contortion skills quickly made him a local celebrity. His figure was immortalized in ancient Greek sculptures, and people would travel from far and wide just to catch a glimpse of him in action.

In the city of Stiffis, where the people once scorned and rejected him, Jason's contortion skills eventually earned him a place of honor. The city was renamed to Octafold after Jason's most famous contortion pose, as many youths of the city were inspired by his abilities and sought to learn from him.

Jason sought out the sorceress who had granted him the supple form in his boyhood, and made her a local deity. Her blessing could be obtained by a select few boys each year, provided they proved themselves worthy through a series of trials.

Jason's hermit mentor, who had shaped him into a successful performer, was like a father to him. He was appointed as the principal of the Octafold Grand School of Contortion, where he instructed trainers on how to achieve the most exceptional results with their pupils.

In the end, the curse had become a blessing and Jason was remembered for centuries to come.

🗿 🗿 🗿

Yasha was frequently motivated by this legendary figure, and would spend hours in Greek museums gazing at his marble sculptures. This inspiration drove him to push himself further and further, until he eventually trained himself to perform poses once thought impossible... Well, until now! :D

What do you think? 😄
Amazing image as always and thanks you so much for making your art available again for all us cheers up man and continue like that! :D Read more
You can always amazed me with contortion poses i never thought of! What a snake! Read more
The marble statue looks cool, especially the stone texture. And that dark cloud sky - a little bit to heaven. Fantastic. Octasplit?)) Hard to define it)) Maybe next time we can see some kind of octasplit machine (sounds like inquisition tools)?? Read more
A pose worthy to be carved in stone and preserved for all time. Exquisite. Read more
Simply fantastic. I so love your contortionist artwork. It is like fantasy I've long had, visually come to reality. Looking at your art is like dipping my hands into a pool of desire I have always had. Amazing art! Read more
Seams so easy *LOL* Read more
Such awesomely insane poses! :O Read more
This is great!! I'm loving the piece! Read more
What a lovely story, esp liked that other boys were granted similar "blessing" in time .)

The pose is once again new... it seems almost impossible to always find new twist and bend but you managed it once again :)

I do like marblestatue version more pleasing to look at . The texture is intricate and well snakelike somehow :p
Would love to see it from more angles!
Shifty Read more
This posture (leg) reminds me of AT-ST😂 Read more
Just... how. Imagining this isn't impossible, but then to figure out how to represent it is amazing. It's just beautiful and fun.
-tbj Read more
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