🎄 mAgIc is here...

The future of art is here! With advancements in artificial intelligence, it's now possible to generate stunning works of art with just a few clicks. But what does this mean for the world of creativity? Will AI-generated art replace human artists or enhance their abilities? Only time will tell.

The AI generated image is a representation of what the algorithm has learned from analyzing thousands of images. It may resemble something that could be created by an artist, but it lacks the creativity and intuition that goes into creating truly unique artwork.

As someone who's been studying the AI for six months, I can confirm that creating a truly meaningful, non-generic piece of AI art isn't easy. Sometimes you start a project with high hopes, believing that AI would magically do all the work for you, only to find that it's not coming together as planned.

It's interesting to see how people attribute success or failure of a project solely to the involvement of AI. When some project is successful, they tend to give all the credit to the technology, "It's just AI art, anyone could have done it". But when they actually run the AI and never get the results they want, they say AI is a pain in the ass, "Why is it so damn hard, how does Yuni manage to produce such impressive images with apparent ease, when I can't even make simple things look good!?"

This picture was originally one of those "pain in the ass" projects, when I began working on this hooded boy crossing the twisted forest six months ago. At the time, I was trying to create a new banner for my "pawn-site", but unfortunately, the AI wasn't cooperating with me and the details didn't look as appealing as I had hoped...

Let's be real here, folks. It was a hot mess and had absolutely nothing to do with me or my impeccable "style". I mean, let's face it - when you go against the grain and try to make something truly unique, it's bound to be a little rough around the edges. So, I put it aside and decided to come back to it later.

Now that I have more experience and skill under my belt, I thought it was time to remaster this picture. In addition to trying to make the overall composition more appealing, I also added the chess pieces and a white pawn boy to complete the scene.

The remastering process took quite some time because many elements needed to be retouched manually. It's ironic that AI requires so much human control since it is unaware of its output.

AI can easily handle simple tasks like rendering a small box and creating a perfect composition inside it by referencing existing images, but more complicated, "long box" projects require the expertise of a skilled artist. In this case, even though it was just two boys and a background, it still required significant effort to put together.

But I'm glad the new banner is finally complete. I hope you like it! 😄

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What do you think? 😄
It's wonderful! And reading about your thoughts on how you created it is fascinating, please do this more often! Read more
Thank you so much for the kind comment!! :D
I'm so glad the picture took a good shape after so many months! I should sometime do some more about chess, it seems like a recurring theme since the Chess Party and Checkmates 😜 Read more
En tus manos se han tejido los deseos
filamentos de mundos fielmente entrelazados
ante los susurros que acusan el pasado.

dejad fluir el arte desde la fuente
arrodillado ante aquel que conlleva,
desde el pasado, vinculando el presente,
un manantial del que fluyen las ideas.

por cada segundo se emite un latido,
en las historia que os son relatadas,
sin dejar espacio al olvido,
las memorias por siempre desatadas.

un corazón que late inspirado
es la mas estilizada de las fraguas.
un deseo puramente destilando
es el fuego intocable por las aguas

te has alzado ante el abismo
setenta veces siete resilente
inspiras al trovador aqui mismo,
a seguir su camino de frente.

mantened la mente fluyendo,
no dejas tus maravillosas ideas.
a tu lado están los testigos.
que por sobre todo... tus lienzos, aprecian.
Desires have been woven in your hands
filaments of worlds faithfully intertwined
before the whispers that accuse the past.

let the art flow from the source
kneeling before the one who bears,
from the past, linking the present,
a spring from which ideas flow.

for every second a heartbeat is emitted,
in the stories that are related to you,
leaving no room for oblivion
the memories forever unleashed.

an inspired beating heart
It is the most stylized of the forges.
a purely distilling desire
is the fire untouched by the waters

you have risen before the abyss
seventy times seven resilient
you inspire the troubadour right here,
to continue on his way.

keep your mind flowing
don't leave your wonderful ideas.
next to you are the witnesses.
that above all... your canvases, they appreciate. Read more
Este año más que antes, espero que la oscuridad de los corazones de otras personas no me trague por completo... Es horrible vivir en un mundo tan frío, tan indiferente, tan "aterrorizado"... Cuando das todo y no recibes nada... Para mí esta poesía fue un destello mágico en la oscuridad, me hace pensar que no toda la esperanza está perdida... Fue realmente conmovedor, aunque no puedo entender el español directamente, pero puedo leerlo con la traducción en mente.
This year more than before, I hope that the darkness of other people's hearts won't swallow me whole... It's horrible to live in a world so cold, so indifferent, so "terrified"... When you give everything and receive nothing... For me this poetry was a magical sparkle in the dark, it makes me think that not all hope is lost... It was really touching, although I can't understand Spanish directly, but I can read it with the translation in mind... Read more
Brilliantly! I would like to visit this country! Read more
Thank you ^^ Read more
Such beauty in those grey eyes. I always have a soft spot for tousled black hair and grey eyes. I'd love to see a a full character rendition of this cutie. Read more
So glad you liked! :D I really like the idea of making a full body rendition of him, definitely going to work on it as it seems like an interesting challenge too 😏 Read more
Hmmm! I finally get what this image is representing for me... landscape of inner imagination! Place where dreams are born. So it doesn't need to be realistic and one can enjoy pure fantasy through it :)
There is lot details and nice parts.
Shifty Read more
...spannend, wie es weitergeht; ein Bild voller Rätsel, märchenhaft mit knisternder Erotik... Read more
I think it comes down to people misusing tools. Remember the controversy over Photoshop, and how it's not real art unless it's graphite and paint?

It reminds me of the screentone sheets manga artists used to use. For anyone who doesn't know, the dot shading in manga is called "screentone" "halftone" and "amatin". It's literally sheets of the stuff you had to cut out over the original picture. It's a pain in the ass, but saves a ton of time over hand shading.

Nobody talks shit about Masamune Shirow using the hell out of the stuff, because he's still a fantastic artist and storyteller. We don't begrudge people shortcuts when they're worth it... Except people who have genuinely no talent and come from a line of people with no talent. These are the fucks screaming about how you have to do everything the hard way because they're so bad at everything, maybe they'll get by just because people see them trying. Then they get shitty at people who have a talent with something, and don't appear to struggle. They're too stupid to know how much work a cheat is, sometimes and have never accomplished anything. They're the people who become low-level managers. I wish a real plague would come take care of the stupid people.
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I want him. He shall be called Casper and he shall be an Assassin/Thief. His targets are lured in by his beauty and apparent innocence, those sweet giggles and soft silken skin lure many to their deaths. Master of the blade and the shadows, he can contort himself into the tiniest of places, unexpected places, before striking.

Yuni, how did I do? Read more
I think you did great! Your description of Casper really paints a picture and the little details like "sweet giggles" and "soft silken skin" create an intriguing contrast between his appearance and the deadly nature of his profession, makes him more interesting as a character.

Keep up the good work! Read more
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