Chess Party

There's only one oracle in my demon world so I needed to make a friend for him ^_^ *tickles his heels* Now that friend (the Moon Oracle) looks even cooler than the original Sun Oracle O__o

How I wish to draw these triplefolds this good. It's a tripple-fold, so just divide the body into three imaginary parts and draw them :D then blend together somehow... :3
But yeah, tripplefold is a sweet pose, specially when done by chubbier charas, it's just so compact and comfy if you don't consider the stupid backbone :D
Anyway glad you like it man! Thanks for the comment *dance*
they must be very talented contortionists... Ahehe, my oracles aren't contortionists, they're rather... uncontortionists :D because they're pretty much always "sitting" like that, only unfolding to go get something from the fridge or whichev *dance*
Dawww. I can never get enough of this picture!! It has always been one of my favorites. Just seems so relaxing and cute, but I always end up wondering what the moon oracle's face looks like. ( o ___ o )

Thank you so much <3<3
I'm wondering, too, I always wanted to draw him again, and also try a drawing in some normal pose because it would be sooo very...UNUSUAL XD
I love this scene I never get tired of seeing your oracles^^ or their triple-fold positions Hehe, I'd never get tired of drawing them ^__^ <3
heheh thats too cool man XD I love every thing about this picture
You know, that looks strangely comfortable... *wants to try that while playing chess* Though it would take me decades to stretch out like that... o.O But I love this pic! I love the comfortableness of it, they're exercising both body and mind in a slow-paced and relaxing way. *loves chess* Awesome! ^_^ Yay! I'm so glad you could see into the very heart of this picture ^_^ Indeed, it's all about slowly exercising both the body and mind and keeping them both flexible at the same time. And what if not chess is best for this idea? And what if not contortion is able to compliment chess when we talk about a party that lasts for hours!

Of course it's fantasy contortion since no one will be able to stretch for so long, but those guys actually belong to the race of Oracles, who discovered that flexibility helps to get access to a certain mysterious knowlegde that opens to a person when their backbone is curved into a circle, and I don't know what that knowledge is exactly, but because of it people call them Oracles and they can see things that normal people can't. Though they have to get used to sitting like that since the early childhood, so that their spine would develop the right way, eventually they learn to sleep like that too, though of course their manner of walking is a lot different than normal people's ^_^; Sorry for so much details, but those guys are just like babies to me, I could go on for hours... <3
that's a lovely drawing!
Sooo lovely!! <3
I love to play to chess.
But unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to play in this position. ^.^ But I would love to! =)
awww, look at hthe mark on that cheek D: so adorable D:
outstanding ^^
💌 What do you think?

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