Link's Routine

Wii made him do it!

The magic of it all is that there's no single game where you can hit yourself with your own weapon (unless it's a rocket launchar) so please don't stress yourself over that part, Link's gonna be fine :D


What do you think? 😄
I consider Link to be the mascot of Yaoi. Obviously, this would not be acceptable to the extremely conservative company like Nintendo, which is forever virtue signaling itself as a flagbearer of "traditional family values", but I don't care. You don't get to create the perfect twink and then get puritanical on me. Read more
Plus he had no underpants in his original design in the 80s, just a short green skirt over his bare thighs! And a crowd of NPCs gathering every time he climbed trees for apples. Since then his climbing always improved. In the recent game Breast of the Wild, they made him one hell of a climber, but never released their insider no_undies.mdl datafiles to the general public 🥵 Read more
No way... I want to see this for real now. I don't mean I want someone to get hurt. I mean I want to see someone do this successfully. This is cool.
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