😎 Just a Warm-up

Once Yasha got a call from yoga mag that offered a little bit of very good money for a small photo set they needed for an article on extreme flexibility.

"Boy, you're still warming up?"

"Yessir, please give me 5 minutes!"

"5 minutes ago you said 3 minuh~ WAIT a minute!! You call THIS a warmup?"

"Mmm yes, I need a bit more time, I think I'm feeling a bit stiff..."

"Stiff!? Where exactly!? I didn't even know such a pose even existed in contortion!! As a professional, I can't just stand there and let this beauty go uncaptured! I'm starting the photo shoot immediately!!"

What do you think? 😄
One thing is for sure... after watching each new Yasha's picture Iam always positively warmed up X-D
This is just beauty made real. The pose is breathtaking.
Shifty Read more
I'm curious to see Yasha when he is hot 😍 Read more
The photographer has no Idea what more he is about to witness!

Such a cool idea, you catched the "easyness" of that pose so good! thank you! Read more
Beautiful!! I'm enchanted. The pose and the entire picture are so simple and clean yet it's still a stunning sight. Fantastic! Read more
I want to see more twisted abs, and back-curved abs. Read more
Yasha is always a heart throb that I'm ecstatic to see! I think he's the premier expert on "extreme" contortion at this point. Got a little bit too much clothes on, but that's cause I'm a perv that wants to see him naked :P Absolutely in love with this cute boy and would love to see the rest of the photo set for the article, cause I bet he could absolutely blow everyone's minds once he's warmed up. Thank you for sharing this lovely vision with us~

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Trust me I almost always go for full nudity but I think some poses look better with clothes 😅 Maybe I'll try to add a bit of transparency to make it sexier... Anyway I don't think Yasha is ever short on lewd pictures and I'm sure this photoset wasn't meant to be about his pants ;D Sure might need a sequel at some point... And thank you so much for the comment, I'm so glad my works are still interesting ^^ Read more
"If you love my warm up bends then you'll be feeling very stiff yours after seeing me break a sweat bending" 😜 Read more
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очень нравятся ваши сюжеты
Love your stories Read more
Очень приятно, что они вам так нравятся!
Very glad that you like them so much! Read more
Incredible ribs! Read more
Thanks! 😁 Read more
I love the passion you put in making this site better and better. Read more
Thank you! :D I think the site is ideal, I don't have the goal to improve it in any way but sometimes ideas pop out of nowhere and seem actually good to try :3 Read more
All this time watching your art, I still cant say I fully understand bending. But regardless of that, your work remains captivating with pieces like this. Please keep it up Read more
Thank you so much!! Bending is just an art form, much like you can carve sculptures from marble, you can bend the body in amazing ways. Of course it's captivating, it's the purpose of any art to capture the attention by creating all kinds of forms that are interesting to look at 👀......🤪💦 Read more
The white pants and socks are a really neat idea. They emphasise the contrast between his straight legs and curved upper body, making the folde look even more extreme. Nice! Read more
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