Jack's Mecha Suit (turntable)

It's finally there!! It's almost a year now that I've been wanting to make this suit for Jack but couldn't wrap my head around actually drawing it...

In 3D, however, it was a lot of fun and I finished it in about 3-4 days I think. So all the hard studying (cough) is really starting to pay off!

It still took a lot of thinking and I tried googling some underwater amp suits but found not a single thing I liked... So I have no idea what the hell this work was inspired by... probably Robocop and toothpaste? XD

Anyway, Jack is a limbless guy, he's not an amputee, he was like that since birth, and even though in 2201 there's the technology to have artificial body parts that look 100% humanlike, Jack's always been spending most of his time limbless and a lot of people been always telling him ever since he was young, how beautiful his body looks this way! :3

Aside from that, he's a genius always full of insane innovations and I'm pretty sure he invented this thing by himself. I guess he's always been thinking of his lack of limbs as incredibly convenient and giving a lot of room for enhancements XP

Not to mention, in private with his caretaker/bf Yan the lack of too many limbs in bed leads to pleasant surprises Xd His torso incredibly squishy, bendable and deformable, being a human cushion is probably his biggest fetish... o////o

I would give my life savings to spend a week in your head. You possess both a staggering level of creativity and an amazing technical ability. This is extraordinary work. I wouldn't say it's worth spending a week in my head, I'm in my head and I'm bored all the time. I'd say it's more interesting to watch from the side XD
💌 What do you think?

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