🌌 Hypermobilization

Because of the local contortion conflicts, many young men were mobilized and some even hypermobilized... Classical positions are no longer impressive enough, we have to take extreme measures and combine a lower backfold with a deep frontcurl... 😜

Another 360° turntable from Leslie, guess his poses are too good to see from only one side 😁

What do you think? 😄
What do I think? i can't even think! Tell me who's a more genius, you or Leslie? Read more
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Wow. You're the best, no doubt. Loincloth is in the way :)
I need more. Read more
Hahah, I'm pretty sure he did it for the scientific demonstration only... I highly doubt Leslie ever practices yoga in strings on his own, probably more like upon some rocky mountains in the nude :P Read more
Yuniverse VR, magic from every angle...if only. Helmut must request this angle all the time. Read more
One day I'll make a first-person 3D game so can look at bendies up close from any angle :P Read more
This Is just incredible. How smart and stunning the way you can show us how the fold actually looks at any given angle, and not just any fold. This is a masterpiece, I don't think anyone has ever come up with a position like this. So awesome!! Read more
Thank you so much!! :D
He's also meant to be breathing, it was quite pronounced but for some reason when turning around it can be barely seen at all :-/
I did come up with the same position in the past: Irresistible Temptations, but now can do it with improved details, so was worth a remake :D Read more
Oh my God! Your work is amazing to the point of impossibility! Read more
Thanks!! I'm trying to think how to improve it... So far best method is: just make more... XD Read more
Such an impressive display is very stressful to hold and pressing his chin into his pelvis like that, rubbing against that tight shiny thong surely makes that bulge swell in excitement. Right in front of his mouth too, go on Leslie let everyone see you ease some of that stress ;) Read more
Pressing your chin into your own pelvis is worth any stress in the world in my opinion XDD
About the obvious possibility here, there was actually the picture Irresistible Temptations that already used that idea :D Not that Leslie would refrain from copycating it! Read more
WOW the triplefold is on the extreme position that's amazing! Only the position of the head of turning 180° seems unreal but anyway it's beautiful and make it full of imagination esp by the 4 mirror from different angles lol Read more
His head is not turned at all, he's just doing a tight backfold at the lower back and the upper back is frontcurled... Hmm I wonder if this one here could be called a doublefold and Leslie's pose here a reverse doublefold 🤣 Read more
Simply Stunning image ! So deliciously displayed, sweet lovely bulge 💕 Read more
Just a "cherry on top" from the chef 😁
Thank you so much!! Read more
360 videos are mind-blowing!! Read more
I'm very glad they don't grow too old! Sometimes it's just a good way to show the pose around ^^ Read more
Oh my god, this may be the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life. I would love to see more poses like this! The concept of hypermobilized boys is astounding. I imagine he needs all those mirrors to properly take himself in! 20 out of 10 would be enraptured by again!

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Hehe, yeah, hypermobilized to become spineless spies and foldiers 😏 But yeah, it would be great if they were armies conquering countries by dropping jaws instead of bombs...

On a higher pitched tone, I'm very happy you enjoyed it!! 😚 I think it should be possible to make more poses with back and frontbending combined, in fact I think this one is also that kind of pose but in reverse, so the lower back is bent forward... Read more
wow man how u did the mirror effect? is super nice
this pieces are really nice
i hope you are doing ok bro
your pal
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Very glad you liked it Delta! Read more
You're really getting good with the animations. These characters are starting to really come alive, and I'm excited!
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It's not much compared to what you'd normally expect from animations... But I'm glad it looks interesting! 😊 Read more
十分具有想象力和创造力 Read more
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